Friday, April 13, 2018

Book Stories: Fairly Human

I grew up in Tolkien's Middle Earth and riding on Heinlein's spaceship Dora with Lazarus Long.  I rode Anne McCaffrey's dragons and picked up a sword in Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover stories.  I found out I had powers with Zenna Henderson's The People.

Maybe that's why I thought I'd write fantasy when I started writing.

I tried my hand at a lot of types of writing.  From literary fiction to poetry.  I made $4 on a poem and decided maybe my calling was something else.

Then I discovered the romance genre.  Two people, overcoming odds and finding a happily-ever-after.  This, my heart whispered.  This was what I wanted to write.

And I did.  I discovered I adored writing these relationship focused stories.  And then I realized that I could still write fantasy.

Mad About Max
 Heinlein had a theory that well loved universes exist in some dimension.  What if a bestselling fairy godmother romance author wasn't having any luck at romance?  What if her fictional fairies became real?

Magic for Joy
These were early stories, written with more glee than know-how.  But they struck a note with readers.  I have a collection of fairies they sent me over the years.  I wrote the first three books about the fairies and the Aaronson family and thought I was done with fairies.
Miracles for Nick

But readers kept asking for more.  So I wrote three novellas in which all the fairies get their own happily-ever-after.  The publisher asked me to turn them into a book...and so I blended those three shorter stories into one book.

Fairly Human

One of the things I loved about fairies was in my own way it was an homage to Heinlein.  But one of the other things that gave me glee was the opening scene in Fairly Human when the three old lady fairies find themselves sentenced to losing their magic.  And without their magic, they reverted to their true forms...beautiful young women.  Yes, since fairies are immortal, why were they old ladies?  Because all the heroes kept falling in love with them.  So they started wearing old lady bodies.  They did it for so long, that's how they saw themselves.

But looks can be deceiving and love can be tricky...with or without magic.

I was thrilled when a while back the publisher told me the fairies were getting new covers and being rereleased!  I adored the new artwork and I love that readers are re-meeting Fern, Myrtle and Blossom!  The fourth book, Fairly Human, is on sale for $.99 this week.   I hope you'll check the fairies out!  They might be older books, but they hold a special place in my heart!


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