Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Come for a walk down Briar Hill Road.

I am so thrilled with this cover!  And I'm equally thrilled Briar Hill Road is coming back out!  It was originally published in a short-lived Harlequin line that died as the book was released, much to my bitter disappointment because this book was a true book of my heart.  

It was the first book in what I consider my Romance+ stories.  But more than that, it was an homage to my mother-in-law and in some ways, one of the most autobiographical books I ever wrote.  My mother-in-law, Dort, was my best friend.  We used to joke that if my husband divorced me, I'd let him keep the house and the kids...I'd keep his mom.  LOL  He never thought that was a good joke, but we did.  She had breast cancer, but seemed to beat it...and then it came back.  Losing this amazing woman to such a horrible disease still hurts.  There's a hole in our family.  This book was an homage to her and to her battle.

It won Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award Winner and

Reviewers' Choice Award Winner.  

I was sad that the line was fizzling as it was released, because I poured my heart into this story.  Oh, I think I do this with every book, but because this book was for Dort, it was different.  So I'm thrilled it's coming back out in March!  The ebook's up if you want to preorder it, and they're supposed to be adding the paperback any day now.  

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PS. A reader, Cindy Carlson, wrote a song for Briar Hill Road (how cool is that?). You can listen to the entire thing on my website and I clipped it in this video.


  1. Holly that is so totally cool, a song written for your book, wow! This story sounds lovely, can't wait to read it. Thanks for another awesome read.

  2. Tricia, That's how I felt! Cindy's song still makes me smile! And I really hope you like this one. It was really what started me down the Romance+ road. And it will always be my MIL's book in my heart.