Monday, February 06, 2017

Just in time for Valentine's...Holly's February Newsletter

Not Precisely Pregnant is this month's release!  It's out this Tuesday!!  I pitched this romantic comedy to my editor as Shrek meets Pollyanna!  It features two who covers hard hitting news stories and one whose reports use the tagline Nice News Matters. To be honest, I do love nice news and think the world could use more of it!

Here's the blurb:

Nice News matters to reporter Paige Montgomery, aka Pollyanna Paige, reports on news that makes you smile. When she finds herself (not precisely) pregnant and in trouble, she’s rescued by an unlikely savior...cynical newsman, Riley Calhoon. Paige is intrigued with this unprecedented heroic streak, but Riley prefers to keep that particular scoop to himself.

Riley might doubt Paige’s reporter’s instincts, but she’s following his story with a tenacity that even he can admire. The problem is, whenever she’s around he finds himself being assaulted by hockey pucks, killer cats and even a run-away trucks. He either has a chronic case of heartburn… or maybe it’s love?


"...guaranteed to provide plenty of entertainment, and more laughs than should be legal." ~Kelley A. Hartsell, Love Romances Reviews

"Holly Jacobs returns with NOT PRECISELY PREGNANT, a wry, warm-hearted screwball comedy featuring an appealing pair of lovers...and an attack cat." ~Romantic Times

"Ms. Jacobs has done it again!...Her books are lighthearted joy to read..." ~Carol Carter, Reviewer

"In "Not Precisely Pregnant", Holly Jacobs spins a marvelously funny tale about love, ratings, sex and stubbornness." ~Women on Writing

"I picked up this book with the intention of reading the first couple of pages to see what it was about. I didn't have time right then to read it. Well, it got read sooner than I thought! Ms. Jacobs grabbed my attention and kept me reading. " ~Lydia Funneman, Writers Unlimited

Other News:

Honor Roll:
I'm so excited to announce that I'm on Romance Writers of America's Honor Roll now!!  And I want to thank you all...I'm there because of all your support and all the books you've bought,  Thank you!

Subscriber Only Giveaway:
 I'm so glad that everyone enjoyed the giveaway last month!!  I wanted to do something for all my subscribers this month, not just a lucky few.  So, I've put up a short story that only you can read for free before it goes up for the general public.  It all started with a book.  I went to a house sale and found a copy of Gene Stratton-Porter's The Harvester.  I've always loved her books and had never read this one.  Imagine my excitement!!  I picked it up, took it home and found...  

I know...sad, wasn't it?  But, this maimed book did inspire a story.  And I knew I wanted to do something for all of you, so you're getting it for free.  How?    If you get my newsletter, you know how to find the story.  If not, join my newsletter this week and I'll give you the instructions. Then I'll take the "Secret" page down and put the story up for everyone else.

I hope you enjoy my gift!  It's just my way of saying thank you for all the books you've bought and reviewed!  Really, you all are the best!

So what's up next?  Confessions of a Party Crasher.  It's an older book that Harlequin bought for a line that was in its death throes before Party Crasher ever went on sale.  So it made it to very few bookstores, which means it's probably new to you.  So let's call it a new old book! LOL  More on that soon!

Hope you're having a great start of the year!  And hoping 2017 is one of your best years yet!

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