Monday, February 20, 2017

A book...

Some of you know that I collect antiques.  I love going to antique stores and house sales, looking for some neglected treasure. I found a cranberry harvester at one.  (Erie's Presque Isle used to have cranberry bogs...I wish it still did!)  But speaking of harvesters, I went to a house sale recently and found a copy of Gene Stratton-Porter's The Harvester.  (Notice how nicely I segued there...LOL)  I'm a huge fan and loved A Girl of the Limberlost.  I'd never read this one, so I picked it up and when I got home...this is what I found.  I was crushed.
I spent a few days talking about it on Facebook and everyone started guessing what might have been in the cut out.  And as they talked, I started to have an idea.  And a short story was born.

Writers find their inspiration everywhere.  Even in a sad book that someone cut up.  I gave the story to my newsletter subscribers early (I have other special gifts for them this can join here) when I announced my newest release, Not Precisely Pregnant (and the heroine is definitely not precisely pregnant...don't you wonder how that happened?  Check it out here) and have put The Book up for Kindle, Kobo and Nook.  I hope you'll check it out! 


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