Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Happy Valentine's!!

February Release
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Today is Shrove Tuesday.  Here in Northwestern PA, we celebrate with Fast Naught Kuchen.  I was up early making ours, then went delivering!  Hope you're doing something fun today!

And I hope you have something special and fun planned for Valentine's Day!!  I think we're going to an RV show.  Yeah, I know, you're not surprised that a romance author would do something so over-the-top romantic for the big day! 

Speaking of fun:
Just in time for Valentine's!!
 I have a new release—an anthology of previously published short stories—and two of my bestselling, award winning books are on sale!  

My new release is a collection of my previously published short stories and a novella.  I know everyone's busy and sometimes you don't have time for a full novel.  I'm hoping on a day like that, you'll reach for : 
And on Sale: My Award-Winning book, Carry Her Heart, is on sale for 99¢. 

Also on sale...my WLVH Radio series!  These were some of my earliest books.  But they were a good time!  Oh, and a bit of an Easter Egg, the dog in Night Calls was inspired by our Old English Mastiff at the time!

And I didn't forget my friends on the other side of the pond!
In the UK
Just One Thing on sale for 99¢.

Wish you all a very Happy Valentine's! 

Thank you everyone who's picked up a copy of These Three Words! I've so appreciated all the lovely comments and reviews!

And keep and eye out in March, one of my early, classic romances is finally coming out as an eBook! Watch for A Day Late and a Bride Short! (It's available for pre-order now.)  It's a modern day MOC (marriage-of-convenience).


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