Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Book Club Questions for Carry Her Heart

As requested, here are book club questions for my award winning, Carry Her Heart.  Thank you for picking it as a selection!

Carry Her Heart

Book Club Questions

1.  What did you think when you first saw the title, Carry Her Heart?  Did your thoughts about the title change after you’d finished the book? 

2.  Pip and Ned's relationship grew slowly throughout the course of the book.  They moved from neighbors, to friends and finally to lovers.  Do you have relationships in your life that have shifted from one thing to another over time?

3.  For Pip, her garden becomes a place of refuge.  Do you have someplace you like to go to think, or just take a break from the real world? 

4.  The idea of change is woven through Pip and Ned's book. Have you ever had an event in your life that changed your perspective about something?

5.  At what moment/event did you feel that Ned and Pip's relationship truly changed from friendship to something more?

6.  Pip has built her life around the daughter she only held for moments.  Is there someone in your life who's influenced it for the better?

7.  Ned said that loving Pip was as clear as the nose on his face.  Have you ever had something that was so obvious that you almost missed seeing it for what it was?

8.  What is your takeaway from Carry Her Heart?

Hot off the press...Siobhan has a cameo in These Three Words and she will have her own story coming out later this year.  Yes, of course, Ned and Pip will be there.  Watch Hold Onto Her Heart!  


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