Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Granola—Cooks and Books #3 with author, Holly Jacobs

Hey, it's time for the 3rd Cooks and Books video!  Today we're making Granola.  Well, I'm making granola.  But maybe after you see how easy it is, you will be, too??!!


PS. There are a few March sales still going on:

And on Sale: My Award-Winning book, Carry Her Heart, is on sale for 99¢. 

Also on WLVH Radio series!  

And I didn't forget my friends on the other side of the pond!
In the UK
Just One Thing on sale for 99¢.

Coming in March, one of my early, classic romances is finally coming out as an eBook! Watch for A Day Late and a Bride Short! (It's available for pre-order now.)  It's a modern day MOC (marriage-of-convenience).

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