Saturday, January 30, 2016

Holly Jacobs' Book News

January has started off with a bang!  My newest release—These Three Words is garnering lovely reader reviews! I hope you'll check it out!  And a bunch of my books are on sale here in the US and in the UK and Germany as well!
This weekend is your last chance to catch these January SalePalooza deals!!

US Amazon:
Cinderella Wore Tennis Shoes
Bosom Buddies

UK Amazon:
These Three Words 
Bosom Buddies 
Cinderella Wore Tennis Shoes 

German Amazon:
Nur eine Sache (Just One Thing)

And the fun doesn't end there.  I'm starting to pull together my 2016 Release Line-up:
March: Rerelease eBook, A Day Late and a Bride Short 
February: Short Stories for the Overworked and Under-Read: Anthology  

Coming soon...aCupid Falls story and the sequel to Carry Her Heart.

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