Sunday, January 10, 2016

Changing Directions

It's been a mild winter in Erie so far.  The last few days, the temps have been in the forties.  I know people in some places are thinking brrr.  Here, when the temperature hits the upper forties a certain someone at my house mulls the need for shorts.

The Weather Channel is telling me that later today, things are going to change.  The temperature is going to drop and lake effect snow will be kicking in.  (I talk about lake effect snow frequently in my's a thing.)  So I despite this morning's rain, I struck out for a two mile walk, determined to enjoy not needing a hat, gloves and layers...many, many layers.

Things were fine when I walked east.  But then I turned and walked south.  The rain pelted against the front of my umbrella, so I tilted it.  My view became just this tiny swath of ground directly in front of me.  I concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other and plodded forward.  I questioned the wisdom of walking in a mini-monsoon.  It was a huge relief when I turned west.  Things got better.  Not great, but better.  Then I turned north.  My umbrella was tilted toward the back and my view was expansive.  I though, wow, this walk was a great idea.  It was warm enough that I unzipped my raincoat.

As I was walking, enjoying the view I thought, what a difference changing directions can make.

And then I thought to myself (I do a lot of thinking on my morning walks) that changing directions can make a difference in more than a morning walk, but in life.  If things seem daunting and my view seems narrow and constrictive, maybe it's time to change directions.

I plan to keep this morning's walk in mind the next time I hit a rough patch here.  It's something to think about.


PS Notice I didn't mention the dogs on this morning's walk.  They looked out the door and then looked at me as if to say, you're crazy.  


  1. Think my word of perspective goes right along with changing directions.

  2. Oh, it does!! Hoping you have a year filled with new perspectives!