Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sunday Shorts

13 Weeks
I started my career writing short stories.  I loved looking at a  small clip from a couple's relationship. This last year, I've been using my "Sunday Book" time to go back to my roots and write some short stories and a couple novellas. These are my Sunday Shorts!  I've had a blast returning to my roots!

In Labor Day a couple tells their daughter about how they met...and while it was over the Labor Day holiday, that's not the only reason for the title. (And after the short story came out, there was a story in the news that echoed it.) In There He Was, a Myth Buster's episode inspired me.  A minor explosion forces the heroine to look at exactly what love looks like.

This October, I have a novella, 13 Weeks, that's available for pre-order now.  A traveling nurse, by definition, travels.  Doran has spent most of her life moving from one place to another.  When she comes to Erie, PA (where else?) she meets Paul.  He's a man who has roots as deeply planted as the old elm in his backyard.  Helping them discover what really matters was so much fun.

I hope you enjoy all three of my return-to-my-roots!!  There are a few more coming out soon!


Labor Day
There He Was

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