Tuesday, September 08, 2015

International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day

It's #TeaserTuesday and it's International Literacy Day.  I touched on this issue a few years back in Homecoming Day.  It seemed like an appropriate teaser for today!  The stat in the teaser isn't fiction and it truly breaks my heart.  I'm someone who grew up in books...I can't imagine a world without them!

I know you said you didn’t know much about reading problems, that you were an art teacher.  You know basket weaving not teaching reading, wasn’t that it?"  

She smiled and nodded.  “Come in.”  

He’d loved that phrase.  And as he stepped into Laura’s hallway, he was struck by how non-Spartan her home seemed.

It was the opposite of his apartment.  It was warm and inviting.  There was a coat tree standing next to the door.  A long, skinny table next to it.  It had a small bowl with keys in it, and a small ivy-ish looking plant.

Maybe a plant would make his sisters feel better about his house?


Sorry.”  He stopped worrying about his unadorned apartment and concentrated on JT.  “Anyway, I Googled it.  Did you know that about a fifth of high school seniors can be considered functionally illiterate?  They suggested these.  They’re easy readers for older readers.  I thought they might help JT.”

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