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A (Hopefully) Handy Holly Jacobs' Book List

I've written a bunch of books since I started writing.  I'll confess, I sometimes still get that pinch-me feeling when I really think about it. They've sold in over 25 countries to date.  I've been fortunate enough to have readers who've followed me from my comedies, to my sweet romances, to my more serious family dramas...and now to my women's fiction/romances.  Someone recently asked again for a booklist.  I've done them before, but thought I'd do another one for here!  I'm lucky that so many of my older books are now available as eBooks.  I've also made note of the ones that are available as audio books!  I've broken them into types.


 My most recent stories have been women's fiction/romances.  To be honest, I think of them more as a woman's journey...a journey that includes romance.  I love looking at a story from a very heroine-centric point of view.    

My newest release is: Carry Her Heart (32 Five Star Review out of 33 reviews so far!)  (Audio Book) It will be available in Walmart on June 26th!  Please give me a shout if you spot it!

Just One Thing  (Audio Book)
And watch in November for These Three Words!!


Family dramas...I'd only done comedies and sweet romances, when Harlequin started a new line, Everlasting Love.  The books were supposed to look at romance as a lifelong affair.  Only one of the books I wrote for them came out before the line folded and they moved my stories to SuperRomance.  I went on to write more books for that line!  I think all of them have glimpses of my humor, but they're certainly more serious stories.

Her Second Chance Family (out August 1)
Same Time Next Summer
The House on Briar Hill Road

Award Winning Valley Ridge Series:
1. You Are Invited: A Valley Ridge Wedding
2. April Showers: A Valley Ridge Wedding (Audio Book)
3. A Walk Down the Aisle: A Valley Ridge Wedding

Award Winning Whedon, PA series

Comedic Mysteries...I had an idea for a character for a very long time.  Quincy Mac.  She went to LA to be an actress and ended up owning a cleaning service.  She's a mother of three teens and her life is busy and hectic...but chaos becomes her new normal when she accidentally cleans a murder scene and has to figure out whodunnit before she goes to jail for a crime she only cleaned!

1. Steamed
2. Dusted
3. Spruced Up
4. Swept Up

Or buy all four in one bundle...Maid in LA Mysteries.


Sweet Romances...I sold my first romantic comedy in 2000 to Harlequin Duets.  Three months later, Silhouette Romance called and bought the first of my Perry Square books.  I've been writing sweet romances ever since!

Christmas in Cupid Falls (Audio Book)

Everything But—where every Hungarian knows that words have power—Series:
1. Everything But a Groom (named one of Booklist's Top 10 Romances of '08)
2. Everything But a Bride
3. Everything But a Wedding
4. Everything But a Christmas Eve
5. Everything But a Mother
6. Everything But a Dog

WLVH Radio—where love is more than just a song—Series:
1. Pickup Lines
2. Lovehandles
3. Night Calls
4. Laugh Lines

Holly Jacobs' Award Winning American Dads Series
Perry Square Series:
Book #2. A Day Late and a Bride Short...out later this year 
Book #4. Be My Baby 
Book #6. Once Upon a Prince...out later this year
Book #8. Here With Me  


Romantic Comedies...This is where I got my start in novels.  I sold my first rom/coms to Kensington's Precious Gems line, and then to Harlequin's Duets.  After both of those lines folded, I went on to sell to Harlequin Flipside and then Signature Select.

Bosom Buddies
Cinderella Wore Tennis Shoes
Ready, Willing and...Abel? & Raising Cain
Hung Up on You
Found and Lost
Confessions of a Party Crasher
The Hundred-Year Itch

Wedding Mishaps:
How to Catch a Groom
How to Hunt a Husband


Finally, I got my start with short stories/novellas.  When I first whispered the words, 'I want to write,' I started with shorts.  I've been going back to them recently.  For me, they're simply fun to write.  I love taking just a quick snapshot of a couple's relationship.  

Dashing Through the Mall (novella, Deck the Halls)

WVLH Series and Everything But...series short stories:
1. Nothing But Love
2. Nothing But Heart
3. Nothing But Luck

Watch later this summer for a new short story series, starting with Labor Day!


I hope this helps you find some new books.  It might look as if I've written all over the place, but really, I think all my stories from the lightest, frothy stories (a reviewer used that term once and I loved it) to my more serious tearjerkers all share a sense of heart and joy.  At least that's what I strive for.


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