Thursday, June 11, 2015

Salespalooza Throwback Thursday!

My Newest Release...Carry Her Heart

It's a salespalooza on Amazon!!  I've been talking about my newest release, Carry Her Heart, for a few weeks, so it's fun to do a Throwback Thursday about some of my older books...books that are all on sale today!

Pickup Lines 

 This book is an oldies but (hopefully) goody.  We have a radio station in town that ran a series of contests.  It got me thinking...what if?  Yes, I know, those are a writer's most important tools! So in Pickup Lines a woman (who's a bookworm...I don't know where I came up with that one??  LOL) who NEEDS a new car, and a man who's a pharmacist (here's an Easter Egg...I have a number of pharmacists in the family!) and wants it to promote his store have to live in a truck.  Last one in wins it.  A man and a woman stuck in a truck...let the fun begin!

Spruced Up: Novella

Swept Up
I had an idea...a maid who went to LA to become a movie star. Instead, she ends up a mother of three and owns a cleaning service.  It might not be the life she planned, but it's a good life...

And then one day she accidentally cleans a murder scene.  Yes, she found a dead body in the first book, but I gave her some other mysteries to solve.  You see, I didn't want to Murder She Wrote her...I mean seriously, if you were tripping over a dead body every time you went out, who'd invite you over???

I loved writing Quincy Mac's series.  You can find all four books here.  Spruced Up: Novella and Swept Up are on sale this week!

Bosom Buddies 

 Cinderella Wore Tennis Shoes
Finally, two of the earliest books are on sale.  At the very beginning of my career, I wrote Bosom Buddies and Cinderella Wore Tennis Shoes for Kensington's Precious Gems line.  They were only available at Walmart.  Now they have a new life as eBooks.  So another Easter Egg...I worked with breastfeeding moms for years.  And the opening scene in Bosom Buddies was inspired by that work.  It was an odd little scene. I thought about rewriting it and making a more traditional opening. In the end, I just let it be because I liked it.  The editor called me after she'd read just that scene and said to let her finish the books, but she couldn't stop laughing, so yes, she was buying it!
I call these "Holly Jacobs' Classics" just so readers know they're some of the earliest books I've written!

So there you are...Throwback Thursday's Salespalooza!


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