Sunday, December 07, 2014

And we're walking…Holly Jacobs' 2,000 Mile Walk! Chicago and Kearney!

Here we are on part three of my 2014 2,000 mile walk.  In case you missed the first segments of my walk, here's the 1st post and the Ohio post.   (Let me assure you I'm not really walking across the country, but according to my FitBit, I am on track for walking more than 2,000 miles, which would take me to Twin Falls, Idaho.)

So, on this portion of my walk, I'm walking through some of the beautiful small towns west of Ohio.  The first big city I reach is Chicago.

My friend Mary used to live in Erie, but moved there years back.  I miss her and I was thrilled to have a chance to stop and visit with her on my 'walk.'  

Hey, Mary!  It's so good to see you!  Any suggestions on things to see on my way through Chicago?  

"You should head for downtown and Michigan Avenue/State Street. Millennium Park has a beautiful sculpture named Cloudgate but the locals call it "The Bean". Don't miss Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park - stay after dark and see the light show. If you have time, rest your weary feet and take an Architecture Cruise. The city is full in interesting buildings that reflect it's history and a boat on the Chicago River is a great way to see it. The river is an engineering marvel as the civil engineers reversed its flow. Navy Pier gets lots of hype but it is our tourist trap. Lake cruses leave from there and can be fun but with limited time there are so many other more interesting things to see. And when you pass through let's make time for more than just a cup of coffee. let me take you out to the Chicago Botanic Gardens. No matter what time of year there is always something new to be discovered in this beautiful, peaceful place."
Sounds like my cyber visit will be busy…I'm so hoping to visit one day soon in real life.  I've been to the airport so far.  (And it is a very nice airport, btw!)  Thanks for the suggestions!   
"And I forgot one critical stop on your walk - the Picasso sculpture in Daley Plaza. Kids slide on it during the summer and the plaza always has something going on. I don't recommend walking through Chicago in winter, but the Christkindlmarket just opened there - a little taste of Germany for the holidays."

It was so nice to see Mary.  Now I'm heading to see another old friend…well old in the length of time I've known them, not in her age! LOL

Here I am in Kearney…it was a fun part of my trip because my friend and fellow writer, Pam Hanson, lives here.  And she's brought me a coffee! Thanks, Pam!  I know you moved here from West Virginia.  Can you tell me a bit about what you enjoy about Kearney?

Hall, You're most welcome. So glad you could stop to visit on your trip! Miss being closer to you when we lived in West Virginia. My family and I enjoy so many wonderful things about this small city located in the middle of Nebraska. One major highlight is The World Theatre, a revival house movie theatre locacted 'on the bricks’ in downtown Kearney. Here’s the Facebook link:  There are local theatre companies, and many activities at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. My husband teaches there, my older son is a graduate and younger one enrolled now. Add in great parks with miles of walking and biking trails, excellent medical care (I am getting old!), top notch schools, and an awesome YMCA and you can see why I enjoy living here so much! And the people are

Pam, It was great getting to see you in almost-person!  Pam writes with her mother, Barbara Andrews.  We all wrote for Duets and were part of the 100th volume of that line.  We set it in that very fictional town I spoke about in the Ohio post…Hiho, Ohio.  You'll be Mine in '99 and The 100 Year Itch.

Just a few more posts to go until I reach my 2,000 mile destination…Twin Falls, ID.  Thanks for taking this walk with me!


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