Sunday, November 10, 2013

Holly Jacobs' November Newsletter

Hi, everyone!  And welcome to all the new people who've joined my mailinglist over the last couple months!

Quincy’s third story, Spruced Up, is out! It’s a novella, so it’s shorter than normal, and since it's a Christmas mystery, there are no dead bodies, or even anything as big as a stolen/forged painting.  I hope you enjoy going home for Christmas with Quincy…there’s a bit of a surprise at the end.  
I’ve started working on her fourth book, Swept Up.  The opening line?  “Oh, no.  Not again.”  Don’t you want to know what’s happening…again??

ON SALE: Amazon has the first two books on sale this week. Book #1 Steamed, Book #2 Dusted.  
I’ve heard from a lot of readers that they want my eBook-only stories available for Nook, too.  And like I keep promising, they’ll all make it there eventually.  I’m starting with the Nothing But… series of short stories.  I hope you enjoy these short stories!
Nothing But Love and Nothing But Heart are out now for both Nook and Kindle.  Watch for Nothing But Luck for Nook soon!
And heads up: Next month is the final book in my Harlequin SuperRomance Valley Ridge series, A Valley Ridge Christmas.  It’s coming out in the US, in Australia and as an e-Book only release in the UK.  And Harlequin is re-releasing an anthology I was part of, Dashing Through the Mall, at WalMart.  If you didn’t catch it the first time around, I hope you’ll check it out.
Wishing all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you all count your blessing, and as you do, you realize how much you have to give thanks for!  I know how very lucky I am…and having so many of you following my work from mysteries, to romance, from comedy to drama, well, know I give thanks for you all on a regular basis!

STEAMED: A Maid in LA Mystery, OUT NOW!!
DUSTED: A Maid in LA Mystery, OUT NOW!!
SPRUCED UP: A Maid in LA Holiday Novella, OUT NOW!!

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