Friday, September 20, 2013

Free Kindle Book

Steamed: A Maid in LA Mystery 1

Dusted: A Maid in LA Mystery 2

My second Maid in LA book, Dusted: A Maid in LA Mystery, came out last week!!  Yeah, I'm a bit excited about it!!  To celebrate it's release, the first book in the series, Steamed, is free on Friday and Saturday.  If you haven't picked it up, I hope you join Quincy on her first adventure, and after you've read that, I hope you pick up her second.

And I might as well say, I hope you're anxious for her third story, Spruced Up.  It will be out in November.

So who is Quincy Mac?  She's a mom of three teen boys.  She owns a successful cleaning service, Mac'Cleaners.  She's a sister and daughter.  She's a good friend. She went to LA hoping to become a star.  Though that didn't happen, she's built a good life.

Then she accidentally cleans a murder scene in Steamed.  And her career as her amateur sleuth begins.  Not only does she solve that mystery, she finds a new boyfriend.

In her second book, Dusted, she's trying to save her business when they find that three clients have had artwork stolen and replaced with forgeries.

And in the Christmas novella, Spruced Up, Quincy's heading home for the holidays...back to Erie, PA. Yes, you all know I'm from Erie and it had to find it's way into the story somehow!

I hope you'll pick up Steamed and give Quincy and her gang a try.  And please, feel free to pass this offer on to your friends!

As always, thanks for all the support!


PS I've heard from readers, asking that the books be released in other formats.  They will be eventually. But for now, they're just available on Kindle.  If you don't have the free Kindle app, you can get it for your computer, tablet or phone.  I will absolutely post when the books start making the move!


  1. I love mysteries! Can't wait to dig into Steamed! Thanks so much! I hope the entire series is a huge success! (Well, I hope that for all your books.) :)

  2. Thanks so much, Marion! These are comedic mysteries, but for me, returning to my comedy roots was part of the fun!