Thursday, December 06, 2007

I make a practice of "pimping" for friends. I love talking about their books, and giving shouts out for their accomplishments. Today's pimp is for a good friend, and fellow writer, Susan Gable. She and her husband, who's had more than ten years working as the head IT guy for a local Erie coporation that runs a local Erie tv station, as well as other stations throughout the country, have started a new business,

The cool thing about their computer business is they can fix your computer...even if you don't live in Erie. They can connect with your computer over the internet, and fix it while you watch. Wow, I love technology!

Since it snowed about a foot of snow here yesterday (and I spent more than three hours snowblowing and shoveling), the whole they-do-it-online-so-you-don't-have-to-drive-your-PC-anywhere, is a huge plus!!

If you live in Erie, you've seen their ads running on tv. Let me just give another friend-brag and say my buddy, Susan wrote them. Yes, she's a romance writer by day, and a script writer by night! Everytime I see one on, I smile!

Anyway, this was my friend pimp of the day. LOL

Hope wherever you live, you're warm! Me, I'm staying next to the fireplace today!


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