Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Well, I got an early Christmas present today...
titles for my PTA Mom trilogy that starts next October for Harlequin American Romance.

(I just did a nice little drum roll on my desk for you... LOL)

Once Upon a Thanksgiving
Once Upon a Christmas
Once Upon a Valentine's Day

My regular readers will remember my other Once Upon trilogy...Once Upon a Princess, Once Upon a Prince, and Once Upon a King. They were set here in Erie, and this new series is as well. This time, there's no royalty in sight...just three very overworked, PTA volunteering single moms! Of course, I need to finish writing them if they're to hit the shelves next year for their holidays! So, I'm back to work. But before I go, let me wish you all a marvelous holiday!! Thanks for your friendship and support!


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