Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Tomorrow night I'm going to see Man of La Mancha. I'll confess, I'm excited. Okay, so the musical is a bit more operatic than I normally prefer, but I love the underlying messages. Reach for the stars. See the world as beautiful and it will become more beautiful. And I guess, they're philosophies I've always tried to live by.

Writing, for instance. When I decided to try to write a book, that was truly reaching for the stars. I'd always been a big reader, but writing a book is a whole other ball of wax. And I had more than one fall on my journey...I imagine there are more falls in store for me. But I pick myself up and try again. That's all we can do. The only other option is not to try... Not much of an option.

And seeing the world as a beautiful place... if we could all embrace that point of view, think how much nicer the world would be. A smile here, a kind word there. One of my favorite things is writing nice notes. When someone does something exceptional, I don't just thank them in person, I put it in writing.

One of my favorite nice not stories is about a security check point at the St. Louis airport. I have a metal plate in my leg, and make airport buzzers go off. So I begin and end most trips with being frisked by the security staff. Most checkpoints are okay, the people are professional and to the point. But the checkpoint in St. Louis had some of the nicest people. They went out of their way to make the experience painless for me. And as the lady was frisking me, I watched the guys are the x-ray machine. A little old man was a couple people back in their line, and to be honest, his carry-on bag weighed as much as he did. So, one of the security guys came out, helped the two ladies in front of the old man put their bags on the belt, then helped the old man. It was a nice way to help the gentleman without calling attention to him. I was so impressed by this group's genuine kindness that I wrote a note to the airport. And I got the nicest note back from their department head. Uh, I don't think security gets a lot of nice notes. LOL Maybe, the next time someone is nice to you, send a note. It might brighten their day.

Wow, all that from Man of La Mancha! LOL Think of me tomorrow night a very happy Broadway junkie!


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  1. Update...Man of La Mancha was absolutely wonderful!