Thursday, March 29, 2007

Spring Cold

Today we're going to talk about something serious...very serious. Having a cold in the spring. There's nothing worse. In the winter, when you have the sniffles, you can curl up on the couch under the quilt with a box of tissues, a cup of tea and a stack of chickflicks at hand. You can make a huge pot of chicken noodle soup. You can revel in your cold, and enjoy pampering yourself.

However, when you have a cold in the spring and, after months of a temperature under thirty degrees, the temp is in the fifties, the sun is shining and every fiber of your being wants to be outside, hiding under that quilt is less than appealing. As a matter of fact, it's so less-than, that you don't. You go outside and work, regardless of the fact you're at the tissue-every-five-minutes stage of your cold. You simply stuff your pocket with a hefty supply and work through it, trying to convince yourself that this cold isn't THAT bad. Of course, when a neighbor walks by with a small child, who shrieks when she spots your brilliant red nose, your watery eyes and I'm-sick-and-couldn't-be-bothered-with-styling hair...well, it's hard to overlook the fact that it is in fact THAT bad, and you have to admit that having a cold in the spring sucks.

Wishing you a cold-free spring, and if that doesn't work, wishing you lotion tissues stuffed in your pocket as you do your yard work!

Holly--capable of scaring small children today with my current cold induced looks!


  1. Oh Holly that sounds terrible, I think the cold we get in the spring are very hard to get rid of. You are right in the winter you do want to curl up but spring you want to be outside. I hope the cold doesn't last that long and you get to feeling better really soon. I will be thinking about you.

  2. Brenda,

    Hey, as long as I have my lotioned tissues, I'm fine! I've been clearing out the flower beds, and basically cleaning up the yard. Even on the brisk days, it's just so nice to be out in the sun!

    Hope your spring's going well..and is cold free! LOL


  3. That is something I need to do is clean up my flower beds. I have so many things that need to be done. I still don't have a job but I will not be getting one for a while my dad is not doing to well now and they told us he probably has a month left with the cancer. I have been spending my days over here at my mothers she is finally able to get off work for a while so she will be here too that will help all of us. I think she needs to be here he feels better when she is home even if he does get loud with her. It is funny how life goes sometimes it all happens at once and that is how it has been with me first my mother had breast cancer and then I lose my job and then my dad gets cancer and they are not able to fix his. I am tired of all this and can't wait for it to be over. My youngest daughter who is 20 sent me a message on my space and I guess that is telling me I am never home and she has to send me messages to talk to me I guess I better think of how life is going and concentrate on my family too. Now that mom will be home I will not need to be here all the time. Maybe I will get to see some of the spring before it is all over. Hope you get the flower beds all cleaned out and if you still have some time I have a few that need cleaning.LOL Take care

  4. Oh, Brenda, I'm sending hugs. Life does tend to toss it all at us sometimes. All you can do is bend and try not to break. 2004 was that year for us. We lost my MIL...she was my best friend, the heart of our family. Then, later in the year, lost my grandmother. I was very close to her.

    Know you're in my thoughts. Sending hugs.