Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Favorite Things...

Everyone has probably seen Julie Andrews singing to the Von Trapp kids about her favorite things...rain drops on roses, kitten's whiskers.

I've been thinking about things that make me happy. Of course, my family and friends come first, but discounting people (not that I discount them, but we're talking about things LOL), what sort of things just make you smile?

This weekend a bought a whole new set of bedding...new sheets, new blankets. I've got to confess, there's something totally smile-worthy about getting into a bed made up with crisp, brand new sheets. Same day I bought a new cofeemaker. Another smile worthy thing. Getting up in the morning to find a pot of coffee waiting for me...ahhhh.

Okay, so those are geeky favorite things, but this one's even geekier...my new Dyson. Cleaning the carpets and floors, which I do daily (see previous posts about Ethel the dog, manufacturer of lots of hair) and finding the canister full...well, it's probably my geekiest delight, but there it is. I love my Dyson. LOL

If you'll note the little slideshow in the previous post, you'll find another geeky glee...I love puttering with that kind of stuff!

Today, it's supposed to get up to sixty degrees...got to confess, that makes me happy, too! LOL



  1. Holly I don't think that is geekie to think it is neat to get new sheets and I know what you mean about going to sleep with new sheets or even sheets that have been out on the line all day oh that smell. Right now that geeky things are getting me through. I got to drive my youngest boyfriends car ( he lives with us) and they are on vacation in New Jersey and Washington DC. So the car was there and it felt good to drive down the road in a convertable with the top down and my hair blowing in the wind. I felt free and that is good because pretty much each day I have been helping or doing most of taking care of my dad. I am not sure if I told you but my mom that had breast cancer in January well now her husband has liver cancer. And he only has 2 weeks to 1 month to live so since I no longer have a job it is my job to stay home with him and that is really hard since it is not at my house. But I will be there because I need to be . So today was a good day since I had it off since there is family out of town here they helped today. So I like those geekie things I hope I have lost more of them. I am tired of all the bad things happening. Hope all is going well for you and you family. And the weather today was 75 so it was really nice in the car.

  2. Oh, Brenda, I'm so sorry for all the pain your family is going through. It's hard to stay with someone who's so sick, but you'll never regret being there for them. Still, sending hugs, and wishing you many more driving-with-the-top-down days! You deserve them!!