Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Happy Holidays!

So, my youngest, firmly believing in my cooking/baking abilities, decided she wanted to make a gingerbread house. Now, I've never made one, but found a recipe and templates for one in my magazine, and we set out to create a masterpiece.

Uh...this would be one of those cases when the best of intentions don't always make for succesful results.

The gingerbread turned out great. It produced rock hard pieces. The "glue" seemed less than adequate though. We tried, and did manage to get the the walls to stay up. The roof...well, not so much. After a long period of trying, I admitted defeat. My dh called and said save the house pieces and we'd all try again the next day. So youngest daughter and I scraped off the less than sticky glue and set the house aside.

Now, this is where I should mention my dog, Ethel Merman's favorite treat is gingersnaps. The spicier the better. Well, she sniffed out the house, and in a wolf chasing little pigs sort of thing, ate it. SIGH. Our gingerbread house was not to be. LOL I asked my youngest if she wanted to try again. She just snorted. That was the end of our gingerbread house making for the year. Maybe we'll try again next year.

Now, all this was slightly humiliating, but to add insult to injury, every show on the Food Network the next day featured...wait for it....wait for it...gingerbread houses. And I'm not talking the tiny cottage we attempted, I'm talking whole villages...people....animals. Some of the people said they spent more than 250 hours on them. And my dh kept skimming over to the shows, calling us to view the masterpieces. Grrr. Guess who's getting coal under the tree? LOL

Speaking of trees, and gingerbread...may you all have a wonderful holiday (whichever holiday you're celebrating this December)! May it be filled with family, friends, fun and lots of love!


(The gingerbread house at Walt Disney's Grand Floridian...this is not what ours looked like! LOL)


  1. Holly we are going to see if this one works now. I was telling you I watch the foodnet work all the time and they make it look so easy I try some of the stuff and it never turns out like theirs. I am sure your daughter had fun just doing it with you.
    We have a place here that has a ton of different Ginger Bread houses and you can go around and look at all them. All I can think of look at all the hours these all took.
    I would love to go and see the Disney one that would be great since I am a Mickey fan.

    Happy New year!

  2. Brenda (giving you a cyber, secret Mickey-fan handshake), the Gingerbread House tour near you sounds great! She'd love it.

    As for the Food Network...I wish I could cook that well and make it look that easy. I started getting annual new cookbooks, and have added a number of new dishes to the family favorite list this last year, but the old standbys are still the best. And let's face it, I'm better with roast beef than gingerbread houses! LOL

    Hope you have a great new year!!