Tuesday, December 12, 2006

"Oh, the weather outside is frightful..." Okay, I might be in the Christmas spirit, but this isn't quite the right song, because today, it's everso beautiful out! The sun is shining and the temp is supposed to get near 50, which is very rare for Erie, PA in December. Last week, we had Lake Effect snow, and my fireplace was in use all day. Today, I'm thinking I'll be fine outside with just a sweatshirt! Love that.

But despite the unseasonable weather, I'm in the holiday mood! We put the Christmas tree up on Sunday, I've made five batches of hard candy and a slew of cookies. I love this time of year. And because I love giving gifts, I have a cool contest going on my website. Visit me at http://www.hollyjacobs.com/ and go to the contest link. I'm giving away a very cool, handcrafted purse. The material is bookshelves (it's hard to see in the picture) and is perfect for readers. I'll be drawing New Year's Day, so get your entry in now!

Happy Chanukah, to everyone who celebrates it!!


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