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I had an editor once comment that my characters seemed to eat a lot of meals. Hmm. I eat meals three times every day so it makes sense that my characters do as well. Those meals are a great time to connect with someone else in books and in real life. Our family gets larger and larger, so a lot of our meals are chaotic.  I do love our Thanksgiving meals. We have a family tradition of saying what we're thankful for. One of my kids habitually has long, long lists. So long she writes them out. This year she made a little booklet.  I'll confess, I think life is pretty good if you have to write a book of everything you're thankful for!

So yes, there are and will continue to be meals in my books. 

There were a lot of meals in Between the Words. Food and coffee. I mean, how could that be a bad combo?? Those meals were important to the story because while this is a book with two romances in it, it is truly a story about creating a family.  And for me—and hopefully for a lot of you—that idea of gathering for a meal is about people connecting. A family connecting.  (Here's a great article on eating together.)

Maybe that's a good goal for the new year for all of us...spend more time eating meals with people who matter to us. Taking time to connect.

In today's Trippin' video, Susan and I are talking about what historical figure we'd have dinner with. We hit 50 videos with this one. And guess what? We still haven't run out of things to say! LOL



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