Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Book Stories: Just One Thing

I spent most of my career writing for publishers and their guidelines.  And I loved it.  Those guidelines gave me a roadmap.  I knew how far off-roading I could go.

But I had this story that nagged at me.  It was a story that wouldn't fit into the guidelines of my publishers.  It was a story that was definitely more of an off-roading story.  


I wrote Just One Thing on my down-time over the course of a year.  A friend said she set aside Sundays for playing with writing, and I liked I started calling it my Sunday Book. I didn't worry about what a publisher would say...I just wrote it for me.

When I was done, I sent it out to my agent and she loved it.  She sent it out to publishers and we kept getting back the nicest rejections.  They all said things like..."We loved it, BUT we don't know what to do with it."  LOL

Finally, a publisher took a chance with it.  And it turns out, readers don't always need to have a book that fits neatly into a category.  Just One Thing was one of my earliest Romance+ books...books that focus on a heroine's journey.  Her journey includes a romance, but romances isn't the reason for that trip and it's not her ultimate destination.

I'd written two other more emotional books that in hindsight were my first steps into Romance+ market, even though I didn't know it at the time.  Same Time Next Summer and Briar Hill Road set me off down that new path.  And I'm still traveling down it.

(On a side note, for those who follow me here or on Social Media, you know I'm taking a ceramic class.  You can see how much I wanted to try this art in Just One Thing...there's a wistful homage to it.  And now that I'm actually taking it, I realize that this is a case where my fiction really inspired my reality!)

If you haven't checked out Just One Thing, I hope you'll give it a try.  


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  1. Sounds fantastic Holly, I haven't read this series yet. Words Of The Heart series is absolutely beautiful reading. Maid In LA Mysteries so great. Can't Find Nobody sassy and hilarious. There is more but I'm drawing a blank. Love your books Holly.

    1. Tricia, You've started my day with a smile!! Thank you so much!! I spent so long working on this one between other's close to my heart. And there are a few scenes I still cry over...every time. And I wrote it! LOL