Thursday, July 06, 2017


If you followed my spring NYC trip, you'll know I saw Hamilton AND Dear Evan Hansen this spring.  Oh yeah, I was living large.  Well, imagine my glee when I saw that there's a new #Ham4All Challenge on Twitter and Evan Hansen's cast did Guns and Ships...if you missed it, well, you're welcome!

Oh, I know.  Amazeballs.  After watching it I fell down the rabbit hole and looked up the hashtag on Twitter and there were so many amazing videos. Actors, singers sure, but fans as well.

It reminded me of Erie. Yes, I know, readers are used to the fact that Erie, PA creeps into my books and so many of my social media posts.  But there it is.  I love my town!  So do immigrants.  We have a vibrant community here supported Erie International Institute.  And The Erie Art Museum has an amazing program I've talked about before...Old Songs, New Opportunities!  I bought the CD a while ago and have enjoyed have the kids in my life.  If you're from Erie or somewhere else, you need to check out this unique project and buy a CD.  

And when you're done, you need to check out The #Ham4All Challenge!  Watch the videos and make a donation today.  Let's face it, unless you're a Native American, you come from immigrant stock! I've been thick into my genealogy and I'm Irish, English, German and a bit of Scandinavian.  I think about my family who left everything they knew behind and came here to build a new that led to me.  They had such bravery and optimism.  I hope I carry those qualities on.  And I think about all of Erie's new residents who come here with that same bravery and optimism.  I made a donation for them...and for every other person who comes to this melting pot full of hope and a vision of the future! 


PS As long as I'm mentioning The Erie Art Museum, congrats on John Vanco who retired from it and had John Vanco Way named after him.  John, you've made a wonderful, powerful impact on Erie...thank you!

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