Thursday, January 05, 2017

Bad Bird Puns for National Bird Day

When I heard it was National Bird Day, I realized that Hold Her Heart had a lot of bird group names in it.  I thought, well, I'll post those on social media...and as I posted them, bad bird puns kept running through my mind.  So here are both...

OWL tell you about National Bird Day!

Can you SPARROW minute to talk about National Bird Day?

I've been HERON a lot about birds today.  

I know it's hard to SWALLOW all these bird puns.

It must GULL you to keep reading these silly bird puns. 

I can't DUCK the accusations that these are absurd. 

Someone should give this silly GOOSE a sTERN talking to.

These bird puns are getting FOWL. 

People are starting to GROUSE about your puns.   

Alas, no one is RAVEN about my bad puns. 

So what you're saying is, I've been a bit of a DODO today with these puns??

Okay, as someone who loves to tell TAILS for a living,
 I think I'm going to get back to writing and stop punning around! 

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