Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Giving Glee

I am not rich...but I try to give.  

Hold Her Heart
Sometimes I give a gift of time.  Frankly, I have less of that than I'd like, but I share what and where I can.  Like Pip in Carry Her Heart, I was the kindergarten story lady for years.  I love reading to kids.  Hey, I even sang.  They never mind that I am definitely not Broadway ready.  Raffi songs were a particular kindergarten favorite.  (And in case there are any other Raffi fans out there, he's touring in the US. I know this because a particular fan—an adult now with kids of her own— has tickets and is Broadway excited about it!)

I've volunteered in other ways...PTAs, school boards, nursing homes...

A Valley Ridge Christmas
But every year, in addition to my time I give to local organizations as well.  I have three areas I concentrate my giving on.  Hunger.  Education.  Community Enrichment.  You all know I love cooking (Cooks & Books).  Part of my love of cooking stems from the fact I like feeding people.  So the charities and organizations I give to all do that.  Places that feed people literally, but also places that feed people's minds and souls.  

As the year is drawing to a close (just a little more than couple months left...how did that happen?) I'm reviewing my list.  Like characters I've written about, I realize I can't change the world or change all the world's hurts, but I will do my best to change my corner of it where I can.  

I hope you take a look around and find places near you where you can spread some glee as well!


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