Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Spring Newsletter

Happy Spring!!

It was a long winter here in Erie, but things are warming up now!  I have baby tomatoes in the kitchen on a warming mat.  I have to confess, I'm beyond excited about them.  This is our third year of heirloom seeds I gathered.  

On a book note...well, this is going to be a crazy month for releases.  Most of you know I set most of my books in Erie...well, this month, I'm heading down to Texas for a story!

I have a fun new release for Amazon Worlds, My friend, Carolyn Brown, is spearheading a new world, Blame It On Texas.  She invited me to come visit and I did! It just so happened that I had a character from this fall's The Plus Side who needed to get out of Erie quickly. Sunny and her big dog, Shep, finds themselves at the Palo Duro Canyon, Texas. There she meets a certain deputy and...well, come down and visit the canyon with me and see what happens!

Today there's my second Cupid Falls story, A Simple Heart! Paisley Jones moves to Cupid Falls, Pennsylvania to start a new life for herself and for her orphaned niece. She buys Simple Treasures craft store and hires Gideon Byler to help with some renovations. Gideon's not sure what he makes of this woman who sweeps into town and starts changing everything. But slowly he begins to realize that this stranger just might have more in common with him than anyone else he knows. Can the magic of Cupid Falls help two people who are lost between worlds find common ground...and maybe love?

Something you might not know is I weave baskets.  You can see a lot of them on Pinterest.

Watch next month for I Waxed My Legs for This?This was my first sale to Harlequin.  I'd been trying to break into their comedy line for a couple years and I got really nice rejections, but I felt bad that I wasn't bringing more money into the house.  I mentioned maybe I should get a job.  My husband said, no...he was positive I'd sell to Harlequin soon.  That was January of 2000.  Harlequin call in March that year.  Then Silhouette Romance called and...well, I've been selling books ever since.  And yes, my husband occasionally reminds me that he told me so!  

I'm off next week to Barbara Vey's Readers' Luncheon.  If you're going, please look me up and say hi!  I'll definitely be at the bingo game!

Happy Spring, everyone!!


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