Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring into a new book!!

2016 is starting out with a bang!! In February, an anthology of my short stories came out! Short Stories for the Overworked and Under-Read!  The title is sort of a lie...there are five short stories and one novella actually!  Yeah, now you know how I am!

And this month, A Day Late and a Bride Short finally came out as an eBook! This is an award winning  story! And let's face it, finding a way to make a marriage-of-convenience work in a contemporary romance was tough...but I'm so happy with the way it all worked out for Sarah and Donovan!

Next up, in time for Mother's Day, is A Simple Heart.  It's set in Cupid Falls...if you've read Christmas in Cupid Falls you know the town.  If you haven't, that's okay.  The novella stands alone.  

And finally, coming in time for some beach reading...I Waxed My Legs for This? is finally out as an eBook!  What's a girl to do when she can stand pulling the wax off her legs herself??  Call a friend...a super hot, best friend who rides to her rescue on a regular basis.  Things will be heating up on the beach for Carrie and Jack!

Rumor has it there's a few more new books and rereleases coming this year.  I'll keep you all posted!

As always, thank you!!  Hope you're enjoying the change of seasons! I've been walking more than I manage in the winter.  I love that I'm hearing more birds and seeing our first flowers popping up all over!!

Happy Spring!


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