Thursday, November 12, 2015

Holly's Quick News

Limited time only $1.99 eBook Sale:
Award Winning, Carry Her Heart  

Speaking of 12 days...looking for a Christmas read?
Christmas in Cupid Falls  
It's last Christmas's release...there's a new Cupid Falls story coming out next year!

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(Something especially nice for December!)

Another way to keep track of new releases is to sign up for Amazon updates.  Just click this link and look under my pictures.  There's a link.  They'll send you an email when a new book's on its way out!

Oh, and lastly, I've released a few short stories over the last few months.  I hope they're a perfect short pick-me-up over the busy holiday season:
13 Weeks: A Novella
There He Was: A Short Story
Labor Day: A Short Story

I'm traveling next week.  Keep an eye on my social media feeds.  I think I have a fun way to bring all my friends and readers along with me!!


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