Monday, November 23, 2015

Holly Jacobs' November Newsletter

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Hi, everyone!!  I hope you're having a wonderful fall!  We're gearing up for Thanksgiving here.  Looks like we're going to have a full house!  Anyone who hangs out with me on social media knows that I love talking about cooking.  So here's my Thanksgiving cooking tip...brine your turkey.  There are a ton of recipes online. I make mine a little different each time, but the results have all be wonderful!  The kids have informed me they never want to do turkey any other way!!

Today's my newest book's official release!  This is another of my women's journey/romances, like Just One Thing and Carry Her Heart!  Speaking of Carry Her Heart....there is a sequel!  Thanks everyone who's written and asked me what happened next.  I'll send out more info on it in 2016!  Back to the new release:

These Three Words

Sometimes the deepest love isn't's rediscovered.

Starting over is never easy. Addie and Graham “Gray” Grayson should know: they are a couple on the brink. But they weren’t always. Childhood friends who fell in love, they complemented each other perfectly: her sunny, gregarious outlook was an ideal foil for Gray’s quiet, careful personality. But when an unexpected heartbreak sweeps them into grief, they’re forced to question the fraying bonds that once held them so tightly.
Just before Addie walks away for good, Gray’s life is suddenly left hanging in the balance—and Addie’s waiting for news at the hospital. But she’s not alone. Through the stories other families share, she remembers what first brought her and Gray together and realizes how much of their connection still remains. Can letting go of the past also mean embracing the future? Perhaps the words they once said to each other can become a bridge that leads them back to love, to hope, and to a second chance that could last a lifetime.

Everything But a Groom was on Booklist's Top 101 Romances in the last Ten Years list!!!
Two of my earliest stories have been rereleased as eBooks for Kindle.
Cinderella Wore Tennis Shoes
Bosom Buddies.
Ethel and Ella were featured in USAToday's Happily Ever After blog!
This year's prize-palooza continued!  Congrats to:
I've gone back to my roots and have been writing some short stories for Kindle.
1. Labor Day
2. There He Was
3. Thirteen Weeks
Carry Her Heart won a Golden Leaf Award!!  There's a sequel in the works...more details soon!

This is the last newsletter of 2015! I'll be giving away gifts to random newsletter subscribers in November and December to round out our year of prizes.  And you can be sure that there will be some other special gifts just for newsletter subscribers next year.  I've said it before...I really appreciate all your support and I love being able to show it in some small way!

Wishing you a wonderful end of 2015 and I'll talk to you all in early 2016! I'm just waiting to solidify some release dates!

Really, thank you!!



  1. Hi Holly
    I love your blog. I signed up for your newsletter. Looking forward to getting to know you.

  2. Erin, Thank you so much!! This year I've been giving away monthly gifts to readers. I'm trying to think of something fun to do next year!