Thursday, May 21, 2015

Throwback Thursday...Butterfly Garden

Throwback Thursday

Okay, so it's not much of a's more of a Teaser!  LOL  But we started laying out the butterfly garden!   Hoping to have it done and mulched this weekend.  Carry Her Heart is the inspiration for it, so here goes:

"I’m looking at my milkweed plants. I gave them this entire back corner of my yard. They aren’t as pretty as a lot of my flowers, and they aren’t edible . . . at least by humans. They actually can burn if you get the sap on you, and if you inadvertently ingest any of the plant, it can make you sick. 

So why did I plant them? Because milkweed is the monarch butterfly’s only food. I read an article about how necessary it is to the species’ survival. 

People dug up most patches because they consider it a weed. That’s how I thought about them, but this year I had flowers and they were beautiful. Different, but stunning in their own right.

I think it will be fascinating to see the caterpillars munching away on the leaves. Monarch caterpillars eat something that’s poisonous, then curl up in a chrysalis and emerge as a butterfly. Frankly, the caterpillars are rather ugly, but they turn into something beautiful. Then they begin the process all over again.

The last generation of butterflies each season migrates to Mexico in the fall. Something that fragile looking can travel such a huge distance.

The butterflies will winter there, then fly back and start the process all over again. I saw a picture of a swarm of butterflies on a tree in Mexico. It was amazing.

Sometimes I think there’s a correlation between the monarchs and me. 

...Maybe we live our lives constantly becoming and rebecoming.
Maybe we’re always in the process of metamorphosing into something new."

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