Thursday, January 29, 2015

Throwback Thursday...How to Catch a Groom

#TT Throwback Thursday

A friend just posted another fun science picture to my Facebook wall the other day.  My love of geeky things is obviously well known!

On that geeky note, in 2002 I wrote a scientist hero for Harlequin Duets.  He was awkward and logical.  And he had a cat named...wait for it...wait for it...Schrodinger.  Now, if you're not laughing you probably don't get all geeky gleeful about a physicist who had a postulate about a cat in a box being alive and dead at the same time.  It's known as Schrodinger's cat.  And if you didn't laugh, you're not alone.  I talked to my editor, laughing my butt off because I'd named the cat Schrodinger.  She didn't laugh either!

But I loved that cat.  And the nerdy hero.  He won an award from RT that year

So fast forward a couple years...the book came out as Manga in Japan.  The didn't send me a copy, so I found a way to order it through Amazon's Japanese site.  It cost me more than $40 with shipping, but I really wanted it.  First thing I did was check to see if good old Schrodinger made it...

He did!!

I loved that book...and Schrodinger!!


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