Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Teaser Tuesday…Books from Christmas in Cupid Falls

Christmas in Cupid Falls

#‎TeaserTuesday‬ Christmas in Cupid Falls
Here's another ‪#‎EasterEgg‬ from the new book. I'll confess, the GLH books I mention I remember from grandmother's. They sat on her shelf in the hall. Later, they sat on Mom's shelf. These days, they're on my shelf. They're fragile and brittle with age, but I think of Mom and Nana every time I look at them. 


Grace Livingston Hill
Teaser:<<She dusted and couldn’t help but run her fingers along old favorites. They were all old hardbacks. Grace Livingston Hill was Aunt Betty’s favorite. The copies were old and the slipcovers were yellow, but she remembered reading The Spicebox and Miranda. L. M. Montgomery’s Green Gables books. Louisa May Alcott. Gene Stratton-Porter. She pulled out A Girl of the Limberlost. Oh, how she’d loved that book.
Gene Stratton-Porter & LM Montgomery
Yes, the books would stay. She’d found comfort in them when she’d first come to live here. And they felt like old friends on the shelf.>>

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