Sunday, December 08, 2013

Spruced Up: A Maid in LA Holiday Novella

Thanks to everyone who's picked up the first two books in my Maid in LA series, Steamed and Dusted!  Quincy Mac is a character who I dreamed up years ago.  I loved the idea of a normal woman thrown into extraordinary circumstances.  In Steamed she accidentally cleans (and steams) a murder scene, and in Dusted, her business is at risk because an employee (Theresa, the worst employee ever!) has dusted an expensive work of art and broke it.

But neither of those mysteries has prepared Quincy for her Christmas mystery, Spruced Up…she's going home to Erie, PA for Christmas!  

Spruced Up is on sale at Amazon this week!  

Now, this is not a huge mystery…maybe that's not the best thing for a writer to admit, especially a mystery writer! LOL But it does move Quincy's character forward, and I think it's a heartwarming holiday story.  I wanted to be sure that Quincy doesn't become one of those amateur sleuths who falls into giant mystery after giant mystery.  I also didn't want her tripping over dead bodies in every book—I think that if you're finding a dead body around every corner, your party invitations might fall off quickly!  With Quincy, I wanted to portray a real woman.  She's got teen sons, so there's rarely any food in her refrigerator.  She comes from a family of physicians and has always felt as if she was a slight disappointment to them. She frets and worries and is a mom, a friend and a daughter. She worries about her 'baby-pooch' and about her romance.  She frets about her friends and her family.  She excited about going home for Christmas and seeing family and old friends!

I hope you enjoy Quincy's homecoming and holiday!  


PS A Valley Ridge Christmas is out this month, too!  I guess I'm in a Christmas state of mind!

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