Monday, May 20, 2013

Erie's Tourism Bureau's Secret Weapon...Holly Jacobs

I don't think I'm being too full of myself when I say I'm Erie's Tourism Bureau's secret weapon.  In fact, I'm so secret, even though I don't think they know about me at all. LOL
Lake Erie at Sunset

In the last few weeks, since my new trilogy started, I've heard from readers.  Readers who once lived in the region and are thrilled to be able to visit through the stories.  Readers who didn't know that Lake Erie has a wine region (it does! More on that in a minute).  And readers with questions about how much of my setting is real and how much is fictional.

I'll confess, I love having a chance to introduce readers to the southern shores of Lake Erie. And I get such glee knowing that it's not only readers throughout the US, but all over the world. Right now, for instance, I have a book out in Australia and one coming out in the UK this June.  That means readers in both countries will not only get a romance I hope they love, but they'll learn a bit about the Lake Erie Region.

Lake Erie Winery, Penn Shore
So, to set the record straight, Erie and North East, Pennsylvania are real.  Ripley and Buffalo , New York are real.  Valley Ridge, NY only exists in my mind.  Well, according to Robert Heinlein (Number of the Beast) that means it could be real somewhere, but for now, let's go on the premise that's it's fictional.

I know a few people who've stopped in Erie because of my books.  I'd love to see more of you visit.  So, if you're heading toward Western, PA this summer, here are a few links that will help you with your tour.

Let's start with wine! (Definitely let's start with wine.)  I had co much fun adding information about our wine region in the A Valley Ridge Wedding trilogy. I've visited wineries along the lake, from Ripley, NY, to North East, PA, all the way to Port Clinton, OH (hey, I had to do the research).  So start your trip by visiting Lake Erie Wine Country for info on our local wineries.

And then let's talk about Erie County's own natural wonder, Presque Isle Peninsula.  So many of my books have taken characters there...probably because it's one of my favorite places.  It's a State Park and a wonderful, unique place to visit!  I love going out for sunsets. But you can also go out on the lagoons in pontoon boats, or bring your own kayak or canoe.  There are trails to walk or bike, and of course you can go swimming!  Tom Ridge Environmental Center is at the start of the peninsula. It such a fun place to visit.

Speaking of fun on the peninsula, you can also visit Waldameer Park.  It's a family friendly amusement park on the lake.  The views from the ferris wheel is amazing, and the park's roller coaster flies over the road that leads to the peninsula.

Be sure to visit our tourism bureau at Visit Erie Pa.

I've been busy on Pinterest.  You can find a lot about the Erie area on my boards there.

Now, something else we're known for, though I haven't talked about about it much in my books, is the Brig Niagara.  This year, there's a ton of fun things going on in commemoration of the Battle of Lake Erie.  Perry 200 has a jam-packed schedule!
Brig Niagara.  It's been rebuilt and has it's own museum here in Erie.

 Of course, I hope you'll all visit the region through my stories, but if you're able, I hope you visit in person as well!  I know as a lifelong resident, I'm biased, but I do believe that Erie is one of the most beautiful places in the world.  I'm so thrilled that summer's here.  You can bet you'll find me out at the peninsula, watching a sunset or two.  Or maybe I'll be heading out to our cottage in the middle of Amish country where I'll be tramping up the creek and watching for deer, turkey and even some bears.  You might find me shopping at the Millcreek Mall, or taking a drive out to North East and Ripley, tasting and buying some wine.  And of course, I'll do some antiquing at local stores, and the occasional housesale.

I hope some of you visit and enjoy all our region has to offer...both in person, and through my books!  So far, I've had more than forty books out in more than twenty-five countries...most of which are set in or around Erie.  I'm hoping I'll have a chance to talk about it for years and years to come, because though I'm biased, I do love my town!

Holly...aka Erie's Tourism Bureau's Secret Weapon

PS In 2012 Amazon named Erie #14 on their list of the US's most romantic cities. you think has anything to do with all the romance novels that are set here???


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  1. LOVE THIS Holly, I do the same for every place I fall in love with, doing San Diego now. I promote it on FB, TW, Pinterest, Google Plus, everywhere I can. You are doing a great job of promoting Erie, love to read your books set in places I remember.

  2. Thank you so much!! I'm glad you've enjoyed reading about Erie! And I was in San Diego once and absolutely loved it! What a beautiful city!