Monday, March 04, 2013

Monday Glee!

Since my kids started school years ago, I've loved Mondays!  After loud, chaotic weekends, Monday is a moment of ahhh.  It's quiet.  It's hot coffee.  It's the newspaper.

 It's Glee.
Today's Glee is even greater because I turned a book in on Friday.  So, I know your next question is, what do you do when you've finally turned in a book?  Marvelous vacay?  Day at the spa?

Uh, I cleaned my office.  When I'm in the midst of a book, I'll confess, the office tends to suffer the most.  The rest of the house I keep up with, but that office...well, there's a corner of my desk that tends to be the file-pile.  It's the place where everything waits for me.

 I posted pics on FB afterward of my desk, but I got a couple notes from people who wanted to see the rest of the office.  So, here are more pictures.

When we moved here nine years ago, I lost a lot of office space.  It didn't bother me as much as it bothered my husband.  He had a master carpenter come by to build the two walls of shelves for me.  It really maximized the space.  And really, that is a husband who knows his stuff.  Some women might swoon over diamonds or pearls.  But give a bookworm shelves.  I adore the man!

A few points to notice in my pictures.  That elephant on the sewing table in the middle picture?  My daughter covets it and keeps trying to talk me out of it.  I get that.  Ganesh was my mom's and I loved it.  She gave it to me as a gift.  Thanks again, Mom!

That big painting over Ganesh?  That's a Pino original from my first book for Precious Gems.  Still loved it.  I do identify with a heroine who wears holy jeans and flannel shirts!  The closet door and what little wall space that's left has other covers, as well as awards.  All in all, I adore my office...but I adore it most when it's cleaned!

Wishing you all Monday Glee!



  1. Anonymous9:56 AM

    An office and not a hallway? That is glee! Looks great,Holly. Congrats on yet another great book!

  2. Susan, It used to be a small bedroom, but when the backroom addition went on, it ended up being a walk through room...sort of a glorified hall, too! And thanks! I'm so thrilled the book's done!


  3. I am so glad to see someone else whose bookshelves hold as much "other stuff" as mine!
    I just know some of those authors stage their pics to look all neat and tidy. lol

    Love your workspace. Welcoming space for a creative mind.

  4. Holly --
    Your office is wonderful! I lost mine when the youngest was born (it's currently her room, and I work now at either the kitchen table or sitting on the couch). I'm torn between wanting my space back, and not wanting her to grow up and be too big for her crib too soon! :)

    And congrats on another book!

  5. Cheryl, LOL Yeah, lots of other stuff. Most of it book related. The bookshelf to the right of the desk has my collection of fairy godmothers...elderly fairy godmothers. Readers sent me a lot and I treasure them all. On top of the desk and on the windowsill are awards. Oh, and there's a castle from a good friend in England who's trying to tempt me into a visit. She doesn't know that I don't need much tempting, just a bit of time!

    Oh, and all the post-its stuck to the back of the desk? Titles, weird ideas...

    I'm with you. Love seeing friends' workspaces. They're all so individual.


  6. Tanya, Oh, I so get that. I lost mine to my youngest, then won it back again, then we moved, so I was downsized. I'll confess, when everyone's gone, the dogs really prefer it if I work on the couch.

    And they grow up so'll be surprised. One minute, she's in a crib, the next she's walking down the aisle!