Friday, November 09, 2007

And the Winner Is......

Yes, this is late. I've been trying to finish a book. But finally, I drew the winning name for my October Contest (the pink beaded, cancer awareness bracelet) and Gina's the winner!! Congratulations, Gina. I'll be contacting you privately.

Thank you to everyone who entered!

I'll be signing copies of The House on Briar Hill Road in Erie, PA at the Barnes and Noble on Peach Street from 2-4, next Saturday, the 17th! Hope to see some of you there!

I've got updates for my website (including adding Gina as the October winner), but I'm having some technical difficulty, so keep an eye out...they're coming!

I'm just finishing up the first book in next year's PTA Mom trilogy for Harlequin American. I'm so enjoying the characters...I hope you all will as well! Writing about PTA moms isn't a huge stretch for me. As some (most?) of you know, I have four kids. I've done my stints volunteering at the kids' schools. It's fun just writing about it about Samantha, Michelle and Carly's committee, rather than having to volunteer for it myself!

Last year's anthology DASHING THROUGH THE MALL is out this month as a hardback, large print edition here in the US this month, and it's also out in Poland!

And for my friends in Australia, HERE WITH ME is out in a Christmas Gift anthology there!

Hope you all are having a great fall! Erie has already had it's first snow...and I'm sure it won't be its last!



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