Tuesday, May 02, 2023

May Newsletter

Spring into Another Around the Square Story!

I just got back from a northern, mid-state weekend. We did a lot of hiking and touring in the rain. But as my grandmother used to tell me, I'm not sugar, so I didn't melt. If you haven't been following me on Social Media, my daughter and I are trying to visit all of PA's 123 State Parks. So we rented a house last weekend and, despite the rain, we had a blast visiting nearby parks. We were sad we didn't get to enjoy star-gazing at Cherry Springs State Park. But we're planning to go again someday soon!

It really was a great time. I'm keeping track of the parks with this cool PA State Park board!

If you're interested in visiting PA, check out PA State Parks and ForestsDCNRHemlock to Hellbender Podcast, and Uncovering PA.
Now you might think that talking about Pennsylvania doesn't really have anything to do with Sweet Success, but since most of the books I write are set in the state, even more specifically in my favorite city, Erie, it does!

Sweet Success is another Around the Square story. It's got chocolate, a lost love and...maybe a real happily-ever-after!

The Around the Square series is available for Kindle and KU. Check out Sweet Success!

Thanks as always for all the support!
I hope you're having a lovely spring filled with long walks outside, good books and sooo much glee!

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