Monday, September 12, 2016

Holly Jacobs' September Newsletter!!

Happy Fall...well, almost fall!  I love this time of year!  Everything smells crisper and it's cooler! It's almost time for apple cider and pumpkins...  Oh, yes, I love fall!

It's the perfect season for my newest release, Hold Her Heart.  You met Pip and Ned in my award winning, Carry Her Heart last year.  And you caught a glimpse of Siobhan in last November's These Three Words.  This is Siobhan's story...and a continuation of Ned and Pip's to some extent.

A heartwarming follow up to Carry Her Heart by bestselling author Holly Jacobs

The infant daughter Piper Chesterfield gave up for adoption so many years ago has grown into an accomplished young woman. When Piper's husband shows up on Siobhan Ahearn's doorstep, he makes a request on behalf of the birth mother Siobhan has never met.

As Piper battles a life-threatening illness, both mother and daughter struggle to make up for the years apart. Reading Piper's journals and books, Siobhan finds herself overwhelmed by the prospect of suddenly absorbing a lifetime of another mother's love.

Logan Greer has benefited from Piper's mothering influence from when he was young, and he's uniquely qualified to help Siobhan see all the ways Piper's love for the daughter she gave up inspired the outpouring of compassion she provided to families in need. And his close proximity in the shared guest house doesn't hurt his ability to become a much needed support system either . . .  With the help of this handsome friend-of-the-family, Siobhan must decide if she has enough room in her heart to love the family who raised her, the family who loved her from afar, and the charming man whose plans may not include staying close to family for the foreseeable future.

Speaking of These Three Words, it's a Golden Leaf Award finalist along with Her Second-Chance Family!

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Have a great fall!  I'll have one more newsletter before the year ends!


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