Monday, June 06, 2016

A Book By Any Other Cover...

Coming SOON!!!
You know the saying...a rose by any other name would smell as sweet?  I'm not sure that applies to books and covers.  Over the years, I've had some awesome covers...and I've had some stinkers.  I'm not sure that readers know that writers don't get final say (sometimes ANY say) on covers, titles and those back cover blurbs.  That's right, we don''s considered marketing.

But I know that sometimes what marketing people think readers like is totally different than what they like!

So what kind of cover do you like??  I have a few more books coming out this year and will have at least some input on the covers.  I'd like to know what you prefer!!

Frankly, no matter what the cover or the title (I've had some great ones of those and a few stinkers, too) the stories are mine.  Whether comedy or drama, romance or mystery, women's fiction or contemporary romance...  They're me.  They're stories from my heart...that hopefully will touch your heart.

So which of my covers are your favorites?  Which not so much??  I'd really appreciate the help!!

A Simple Heart
Cinderella Wore Tennis Shoes

13 Weeks
Dashing Through the Mall
A Day Late & a Bride Short
Able to Love Again

Dad Today, Groom Tomorrow

Found and Lost
Do You Hear What I Hear?
Everything But a Christmas Eve

Everything But a Bride

Everything But a Dog
Everything But Groom

Everything But a Mother
Everything But a Wedding

Her Second-Chance Family
Here With Me
Hold Onto Her Heart

How to Catch a Groom
How to Hunt a Husband
I Waxed My Legs for This?

Just One Thing
Labor Day
Laugh Lines

Mad About Max
Magic for Joy

Night Calls
Not Precisely Pregnant
Once Upon a Prince

Nothing But Luck
Nothing But Heart
Once Upon a Christmas

Once Upon a Princess
Once Upon a King
Once Upon a Thanksgiving

Once Upon a Valentine's
Pickup Lines

Short Stories
Spruced Up

Swept Up
The 100-Year Itch
The House on Briar Hill Road

These Three Words
Unexpected Gifts
A Walk Down the Aisle
You Are Invited


  1. Jayme M2:19 PM

    I like the cover of These Three Words. I love that there is a gorgeous background, but not a face to the people. The cover models usually don't match the description or how I visualize the characters.

  2. Thanks for the input, Jayme!! These Three Words was one of my favorites, too! I thought they did a great job of capturing a lake beach.

  3. I like Just One Thing, and also covers where you cannot tell the age of the people... your books are not just for 20 year olds and I would love to have a character like me once in a while. I know Older doesn't sell, but I would buy it. Also, oceans, old houses, seashore. I'll send under separate cover. Mary Ellen

  4. Mary Ellen, Thanks! I love that one! As for older characters, I've done a few. And a number where I'm purposefully vague about ages. Carry Her Heart's sequel's out this fall, set ten years after the first book. You see Pip and Ned have aged, and have/are weathering a storm. I love that their relationship is still going strong, despite the hardships.

    Oh, and Unexpected Gifts has an older heroine/younger hero.

    I love houses and water scenes!!

    Thanks on the cover input!


  5. My favorites are: Cinderella wore Tennis shoes, Be My Baby (Only because of the bunny hat!), Everything but a christmas eve and Everything but a dog (Pets ALWAYS do it for me), Once upon a Prince (the shading is really nice.. and the green),Once upon a Christmas (the blue starry sky), and the House on briar hill road.. just perfect match to the title.

  6. Crystal, Thank you for the help! And I loved the bunny hat on Be My Baby too...but back in the day it was voted as one of the ugly covers of the year. I couldn't believe it.

  7. Maybe people didn't like the blurred element of the photo. I can't believe they disliked the bunny hat. :)

  8. I know! I'm such a baby-on-the-cover fan...but thought this baby was really cute!