Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Where in the World Is (Was) Holly Jacobs

Last week, I was silent online because I was in Ireland!!  Branches of my family came from Ireland only a few generations back.  So in a way, it was coming home for me!

We started in Galway!  Such a beautiful city!!

One morning, I got up early and followed the river on a long walk.  The weather was cool and gray, but still lovely!!

We found a small local pub (our favorite kind), The Crane, and I had my first night of Irish music.  To be honest, we looked for small local pubs most of the trip.  James Gallagher and Joyce Redmond were my favorites!

Next was Kilmore Abbey!  

We went to the Burren. It was such a strange landscape.  The green hills butted up against the mountains of rock.  We went through the Aillwee Caves.  Tight places give me the heebie-jeebies, but this was simply breathtaking!

Next we headed to Doolan.  Here's something I loved about Ireland...there were sheep and cows everywhere.  Near our B&Bs, along the cliffs, next to the towns...

Oh, and one of the the most breathtaking sites was the Cliffs of Moher.  We walked along them for a long time and seriously, they were awe inspiring!

Can you imagine living in this tower??  The waves and the birds would lull you to sleep every night.  It seems so lonely, yet strong all at the same time.

When I think of Ireland, puffins doing necessarily come to mind, but they nest on the Cliffs.  Did I ever tell you about the time I dreamed about puffins?  I mentioned it to a friend who'd just visited Alaska.  She went very silent.  When I saw her shortly thereafter, she'd brought a puffin sweatshirt home for me.  It was a very Twilight Zone sort of moment.  
I loved seeing PA Police patches in so many of the pubs...oh, and I loved the very descriptive signs!

More of Doolin and another cave...the Doolin Cave.  

We went to Killarney! Found a very cool whiskey bar...we found some new favorites there!

The National Park there was gorgeous!

Our final stop was Dingle.  If I moved to Ireland, this is where I'd settle.  There's a small town atmosphere, the ocean with beaches, a great bay and mountains.

I got up very early one morning and walked around Dingle's bay.  It was so cool to see all the fishermen heading to their boats.  And then I watched as the sun came up...it was breathtaking!

I walked along a Dingle beach and dipped my toes in the other side of the Atlantic!

We drove the Dingle loop and way up on the mountain, we stopped to see some stone Beehive huts.  These ancient dwellings are so impressive!

Our last stop was Bunratty Castle.  The view from the tower was amazing!!  

My trip was wonderful.  I'm hoping to take you along with me in an Irish story sometime next year.  Now, I'm back and need to finish up my WIP.  



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  1. Gorgeous, Holly! Thanks for sharing the trip with us. I'm glad you had a good time. What wonderful memories you've made here!

    1. Susan, It was amazing!! We didn't do tons of touristy things. Smaller towns, small local pubs...lots of walking. I got up early (shocker, I know) and did a lot of solo morning walks. The sunrise in Dingle was one of my favorite mornings!

  2. My hubby and I have wanted to go to Ireland since we didn't go there on our honeymoon. Haven't made it yet. One reason is we have no idea WHERE to go and we don't want to go on a tour. Now we can just follow your footsteps!
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Susan, We really loved the smaller towns! Doolin and Dingle were my fav's. To be honest, next time, I'll spend a few more days in Dingle. The beach was lovely and just a quick drive from town. And the mountains were amazing. I want to do more hiking. We always looked for the non-touristy pubs. All in all, other than the driving, it was such a wonderful time! When you go, make sure you let me know! Oh, and if you're going and want B&B suggestions, holler. I'll send you names. The ones we were at were so awesome!

  3. Loved the photos, Holly. I would love to visit Ireland one day. I'm also part Irish on both sides. My mother's sir name was Kelly.

    1. Kim, I'm quite Irish, too! I think that's what made it so cool...in a way it was coming home!

  4. Sounds like a lovely trip, Holly! I was in Ireland in 1983, mostly Dublin and surrounding areas. It was lovely. Interestingly, it was the only place we visited in Europe (out of Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Holland, England, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, and Portugal) in which people to whom we answered "Louisville, Kentucky" when asked where we lived immediately understood and said "Ah! The Kentucky Derby!" Horse people are the Irish. Everywhere else, people would look at us blankly when we said "home of the Kentucky Derby". Then, finally, their eyes would light up, and they'd say, "Oh! Kentucky Fried Chicken." Yep, that's us, too.

    Anyway, for anyone who is considering buying it, I can personally vouch for Holly's new book I Waxed My Legs for This?! Once I heard the title, I really wanted to read it, but, alas, it was out of print. Then, a wonderful Canadian friend of mine found it in a used book store and sent it to me. Thank you, Kaelee! Anyway, I'll be buying a digital copy as well. Not only is it time for a re-read, but I also like to see the author get her share from the sale of a book I so enjoyed.

  5. And France. Can't forget France, though I'm not sure they recognized either Kentucky Fried Chicken or the Derby.

    1. JV, LOL that they knew where you were from because of the Derby!! We didn't make it to Dublin, but maybe next time! And there will be a next time!

      And thank you so much for the lovely words about I Waxed My Legs for This? I'm so glad after all you went through to get it, you liked it!! LOL