Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Holiday Sale

I'll confess, I love a sale!  And right now, my entire Everything But...Series is on sale for Kindle!  You can check them out here...Amazon Everything But...Series page.  This six book series (Everything But a—Groom, Bride, Wedding, Christmas Eve, Mother and Dog) started about with a Hungarian grandmother who accidentally cursed her family to bad weddings and after she broke the curse, tried her hand at a bit of matchmaking!  Nana Vancy has become a reader favorite and went on to have cameos in my Nothing But...Short Story series and in Christmas in Cupid Falls and Carry Her Heart.

And don't forget my newest book These Three Words is finally on the shelves!  The reviews are starting to come in:

"Holly Jacobs has done it again!"
"Ice cream...sunsets...a glorious read."

I hope you'll check it out!! 



  1. I love holidays because not only I can rest but I can also do my shopping since it is holiday sale.

    1. Audrey, I love the holidays, too! With a name like Holly, it's my season!