Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day Easter Eggs

Earth Day Easter Eggs in my books...

...when we did the bathroom remodel, we installed one (and I'll confess, I posted about it more than once). And I mentioned one in A Valley Ridge Christmas. I had a cute little scene with the hero and heroine as the renovated a house and were installing one.  I thought my editor would tell me dual flush toilets weren't romantic...but she never said a word.  LOL Carry Her Heart, Piper takes the notion of planting a tree to heart. Her backyard garden became almost a character in itself.  I adore her garden and I'm working very hard to build one like it here.  My husband keeps saying I can't possibly fit another plant/bush/tree in the yard, but I always manage!  LOL August's Her Second-Chance Family, there heroine is an architect who follows LEED guidelines in her buildings. She also is a composter who spreads the compost glee!

So what can you do to celebrate Earth Day?

~Pick up some litter.
~Reduce your household waste by starting a compost pile.
~Plant a tree (which also helps you celebrate Friday's Arbor Day).
~Eat local.
~Install a water barrel.
~Use energy efficient lightbulbs.
~When you replace old appliances, buy Energy Star.
~Install a water conserving toilet.

One more fun Earth Day tip...a water barrel. We use ours to water the garden.
So why install one?
~Nearly 40% of the average household's water consumption is used outside the home. You can save money on your water bill.
~It keeps rain water from running into your local storm sewers and contributing to streets flooding.
~It also keeps rain water from picking up chemicals that eventually wash into our creeks and waterways (and in my case, Lake Erie).
~Gardens love the unchlorinated water!

Another Earth Day tip...a clothesline.  Now, I know that a clothesline won't save the planet, but if everyone hung out even one load of laundry a week, think how much energy we'd save!

Any other suggestions?

Happy Earth Day!


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