Monday, January 21, 2008

2008 Travels

Last year I played hermit and didn't go to any conferences. And while it was wonderful, I found I missed seeing my friends and I missed getting a chance to meet and hang out with readers. So, this year, I'm back on the conference bandwagon.

March...I'll be in NYC for NINC's conference. This one doesn't have a booksigning, but hey, I'm seeing musicals and promise to give you all an update! Wicked (again!), Jersey Boys and Little Mermaid. I'm sure the fact I'm slipping something Disney into a work trip doesn't suprise anyone who knows me! I'll let you know how the shows are. Oh, I will be buying a new Wicked t-shirt. I bought the Defying Gravity one last time I was there. I love the song and the sentiment. Uh, the words Defying Gravity fall right over my ...well, hoo-haws. I've had four kids, there's no defying gravity left in the girls. It's sort of false advertising. LOL So I'm buying the straight up Wicked t-shirt. That pretty much says it all! LOL

April--RT Bookclub's annual conference in Pittsburgh. There's information at If you're in the Pittsburgh area, I'd love to see you there!
Romantic Time's Convention's Giant Bookfair (more than 200 authors) Saturday 4-19-08 from 11-2 at the Hilton Hotel, 600 Commonwealth Place, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
I'm doing a Series Romance panel that Friday with writers Anna DeStefano and Amanda McIntyre, as well as Harlequin VP, Randall Toye.

May--Northeast Ohio's RWA Conference. I'll be doing a workshop there with Susan Gable that Friday night. I'm not sure what it's called yet, but whenever Susan and I get together good-times ensue.

July--I'm heading to San Francisco for RWA's National Conference. I'll be rooming with Nancy Warren. We both started writing for Harlequin about the same time, and we'll both be getting our 25 book pin from Harlequin because we've both written...well, 25 books!
BOOKSIGNING: Wednesday 7-30-08 at 5:30 at the San Francisco Marriott.
Nancy and I will be doing a workshop there called, Our Writing May Be Art...but our kids need braces. It's about balancing the art of writing with the business side of things.
And Tanya Michaels/Michna and I are doing a workshop called CONFESSIONS OF SERIES KILLERS: Weathering Line Closings and Other Career Changes. Not that we really kill anyone--it's series killing, not serial! LOL Between the two of us, a lot of lines we wrote for folded, and yet we're still writing. So, this one is about overcoming obstacles to writing.

That's where I'll be. Hope to see some of you at one place or another!


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