Thursday, September 27, 2007

October Newsletter

I know it's not quite October, but this Saturday, September 29, Erie Author, Susan Gable, and I will be doing a workshop at the Erie Bookstore from 2-4, "Where Reality and Fiction Collide." This is an apt workshop for me, since my October release, THE HOUSE ON BRIAR HILL ROAD, deals with breast cancer, a disease that took my mother-in-law from us in 2004. If you're in Erie, I hope you'll join Susan and I at the Erie Bookstore!


My first Harlequin Everlasting Love release, THE HOUSE ON BRIAR HILL ROAD, came out a week's on the shelves now. You can find it at your local bookstore, or at your favorite online bookstore.


"Holly Jacobs is known for her heart warming, light and breezy, stories with a shot of humor added in. With The House on Briar Hill Road, she has proven that she also can write serious, tug-at-your-heart and make-you-cry stories. ...The House on Briar Hill Road is a must-read for everyone." © Kelley A. Hartsell, July 2007. All rights reserved. Kwips and Kritiques

"THE HOUSE ON BRIAR HILL ROAD is a fascinating relationship drama that is a serious take on When Harry Met Sally even though they met much younger as preadolescents enjoying Halloween. ...what makes Holly Jacobs' contemporary a delightful read is the author avoids turning the story line into a melodramatic soap opera... This is a strong character driven drama in which the romance enhances the relationships." ~Harriet Klausner

"Holly Jacobs' The House on Briar Hill Road (4) is extremely affecting and honest, and Brian and Hayden's complicated relationship is handled very well." —Catherine Witmer. Romantic Times

"With her first foray from the lighter romantic comedy for which she's well known into the deeper waters of a highly emotional, family drama, love-of-a-lifetime romance, Holly Jacobs proves she's got the chops to do more than make you laugh – she'll tug at your heartstrings, give you a lump in your throat, and bring a tear to your eye. She'll prove that happily-ever-afters require work, that family is more a matter of heart than DNA, and that love can last a lifetime.The House on Briar Hill Road is Jacob's finest work. Don't miss it!" ~Award Winning Author, Susan Gable


My free online short story, The Moments, is still running at Make sure you check it out. It's tied to the book, though I've been assured you can read the book first then the story, or vice versa, without ruining the other for yourself.

Once Upon a Prince, En Busca De Su Princesa: (Looking For His Princess) will also be released in October as a US Spanish reprint. And last holiday season's DASHING THROUGH THE MALL, is available in a hardback, large print reprint either at your local bookstore, or online at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.


There's a new contest on my website...check it out and enter!

As always, thanks everyone for all the support. It's been a crazy fall here. My son started college, so we're adjusting to a different dynamic in the house. And we just got back from Disney World. Now, truly, I love the place (almost) as much as the rest of the family, but seriously, it's not a restful vacation! I'm still trying to recoup from it! Hope your fall is going well!


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