Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Giving Glee

I am not rich...but I try to give.  

Hold Her Heart
Sometimes I give a gift of time.  Frankly, I have less of that than I'd like, but I share what and where I can.  Like Pip in Carry Her Heart, I was the kindergarten story lady for years.  I love reading to kids.  Hey, I even sang.  They never mind that I am definitely not Broadway ready.  Raffi songs were a particular kindergarten favorite.  (And in case there are any other Raffi fans out there, he's touring in the US. I know this because a particular fan—an adult now with kids of her own— has tickets and is Broadway excited about it!)

I've volunteered in other ways...PTAs, school boards, nursing homes...

A Valley Ridge Christmas
But every year, in addition to my time I give to local organizations as well.  I have three areas I concentrate my giving on.  Hunger.  Education.  Community Enrichment.  You all know I love cooking (Cooks & Books).  Part of my love of cooking stems from the fact I like feeding people.  So the charities and organizations I give to all do that.  Places that feed people literally, but also places that feed people's minds and souls.  

As the year is drawing to a close (just a little more than couple months left...how did that happen?) I'm reviewing my list.  Like characters I've written about, I realize I can't change the world or change all the world's hurts, but I will do my best to change my corner of it where I can.  

I hope you take a look around and find places near you where you can spread some glee as well!


Friday, September 16, 2016

Holly Jacobs, Ask the Author...Hold Her Heart

It's time for another Ask the Author...I'm talking about my Words of the Heart series and my newest release, Hold Her Heart. And holey jeans. Yes, my own wardrobe inspires my character's wardrobe.


Monday, September 12, 2016

Holly Jacobs' September Newsletter!!

Happy Fall...well, almost fall!  I love this time of year!  Everything smells crisper and it's cooler! It's almost time for apple cider and pumpkins...  Oh, yes, I love fall!

It's the perfect season for my newest release, Hold Her Heart.  You met Pip and Ned in my award winning, Carry Her Heart last year.  And you caught a glimpse of Siobhan in last November's These Three Words.  This is Siobhan's story...and a continuation of Ned and Pip's to some extent.

A heartwarming follow up to Carry Her Heart by bestselling author Holly Jacobs

The infant daughter Piper Chesterfield gave up for adoption so many years ago has grown into an accomplished young woman. When Piper's husband shows up on Siobhan Ahearn's doorstep, he makes a request on behalf of the birth mother Siobhan has never met.

As Piper battles a life-threatening illness, both mother and daughter struggle to make up for the years apart. Reading Piper's journals and books, Siobhan finds herself overwhelmed by the prospect of suddenly absorbing a lifetime of another mother's love.

Logan Greer has benefited from Piper's mothering influence from when he was young, and he's uniquely qualified to help Siobhan see all the ways Piper's love for the daughter she gave up inspired the outpouring of compassion she provided to families in need. And his close proximity in the shared guest house doesn't hurt his ability to become a much needed support system either . . .  With the help of this handsome friend-of-the-family, Siobhan must decide if she has enough room in her heart to love the family who raised her, the family who loved her from afar, and the charming man whose plans may not include staying close to family for the foreseeable future.

Speaking of These Three Words, it's a Golden Leaf Award finalist along with Her Second-Chance Family!

 I'll be doing a few random subscriber drawings in the next few months as well!  If you don't get me newsletter and want to subscribe, click here.  This is just my way of saying thank you for your ongoing support!  Thank you for every book you've bought and read.  Thank you for every review you've written.  Thanks for hanging with me on social media.  Just thanks!

Have a great fall!  I'll have one more newsletter before the year ends!


Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Ask the Author #3, Why fairies?

Once upon a time there was a girl who read a lot of science fiction and fantasy books.  I mean a lot.  A whole lot.  She grew up in Middle Earth, Narnia, Oz and a bunch of other magical worlds.  One day, she finally decided what she wanted to do when she grew up. She wanted to be a writer.  But rather than writing science fiction or fantasy, she wrote romance.  Why?  Because she fell in love with...love.

A few years after she started the greatest job in the history of jobs, (I mean, she got to go to work on her couch and wear holey jeans...and spend her day making up stories) she got an idea for fairies.  I mean, poof.  They were just there one day...like magic.  And it turned out Myrtle, Fern and Blossom were fun...and a bit inept.  But they had good hearts!  The books were published and Holly went on to write a bunch more romantic comedies, and then some romance + stories (women's fiction/romances).  But the fairies weren't done.  A new publisher picked them up and gave them new (much prettier) covers and put them back in the world!

So come visit Erie, PA (I always say it's the best city ever and it has almost everything...even fairies now) and Myrtle, Fern and Blossom in...Mad About Max, Magic for Joy, Miracles for Nick and Fairly Human!


Monday, August 29, 2016

The Naming of Things

I'm so excited that Hold Her Heart is coming out soon!  I loved writing the Words of the Heart series (there's one more book coming out next year...Between the Words).

In Carry Her Heart, you met Ned and Pip and read excerpts from Pip's journal in it.  You caught a glimpse of them in These Three Words and that book explored the words that matter the most.  In Hold Her Heart, each chapter starts with an excerpt from one of Pip's books.  This one is one of my favorites:

Words have power. They can cut, but they can also heal. 
They can hurt, but they can also uplift. 
But maybe even more than words themselves, names have power. 
If a rock weren’t called a rock, would it be as strong? 
If a cloud weren’t a cloud, what would it be? 
If I weren’t my mother’s daughter, would I still be me? 
—The Naming of Things, by Pip

I've explored the idea of words having power before in my romcom, Everything But... series.  I look at the news these days and see people using words as weapons.  They name things in a way designed to hurt cut.  They use words that are designed to divide people rather than bring them together.

I know my little stories won't change the world, but I hope that through them maybe a few readers stop and think about what words they use.

Words do have power.  They can shape the world around us.  So I plan to keep writing about love and talking about glee! I hope to use words that uplift and heal.  Words that remind people around me that there is love, beauty and glee around every corner...you just have to take a moment to look for it!


Monday, August 15, 2016


I spent a week recently at the beach.  I'll confess, living on the shore of Lake Erie, I get to go to the beach a lot.  It's a perk.  And our beach here has inspired so many of my books.  Including my most recent ebook release, Same Time Next Summer.  I loved the idea of summer friends...who become so much more to each other. Keri Noble's Piece of my Heart really sums up the story for me.  The wistfulness of it all.  Beaches, summer friends...romance.  This book spoke to me as I wrote it.  It was one of the first Romance+ stories I did.  After years of writing comedies and sweet romances, it was a new stretch to look at a different type of story.  A different type of romance.

A summer kind of love!

We had a great week on the beach.  I read, I wrote, I ate a lot and I hung out with some of my favorite people on earth!

Now my vacation is over.  Summer is winding down here.  I heard my first geese of the season the other morning.  For me, that's always a sign that fall is on the horizon!  But I think we have time for a few more beach reads this year!  If not the beach, then a vacation read.

Did you go, or are you going, on vacation?