Thursday, January 05, 2017

Bad Bird Puns for National Bird Day

When I heard it was National Bird Day, I realized that Hold Her Heart had a lot of bird group names in it.  I thought, well, I'll post those on social media...and as I posted them, bad bird puns kept running through my mind.  So here are both...

OWL tell you about National Bird Day!

Can you SPARROW minute to talk about National Bird Day?

I've been HERON a lot about birds today.  

I know it's hard to SWALLOW all these bird puns.

It must GULL you to keep reading these silly bird puns. 

I can't DUCK the accusations that these are absurd. 

Someone should give this silly GOOSE a sTERN talking to.

These bird puns are getting FOWL. 

People are starting to GROUSE about your puns.   

Alas, no one is RAVEN about my bad puns. 

So what you're saying is, I've been a bit of a DODO today with these puns??

Okay, as someone who loves to tell TAILS for a living,
 I think I'm going to get back to writing and stop punning around! 

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Can't find anything to read? Try Can't Find NoBODY!!

Happy New Years everyone!!  I hope you had a lovely holiday, surrounded by family, friends, love and of course Glee!!

I've got a new (old) release for a new year!!  Can't find NoBODY!!  It was originally published as Found and Lost. I am so happy that this ebook version is going back to my title.  I mean, a disappearing dead body romance...could there be any better title than Can't Find NObody???  Nope.  I wrote this book for Harlequin's Flipside line...but the line was on its way out by the time the book came out, so this might be an older book, but there's a good chance it'll be new to you!  Here's more about it...

Fans of Holly Jacobs' bestselling Maid in LA Mysteries are in for another zany who-dunnit. This time there's a disappearing (and reappearing) dead body.

As she hurries out the door on Monday morning, Markie Walkowicz trips over a body. A very dead body. She calls 911 from her closet, because what sane woman would stay on the porch with a dead body and a potential murderer hanging around? To make a bad Monday worse, the cop who shows up is Detective Zac Marshall--her longtime (former) friend. He announces there's nobody...uh, no body on her porch.

Over the next few days that body in its orange and green plaid suit keeps turning up—but never sticks around long enough for Zac to see it. Will he have to hang around full-time before he believes her?

Markie eventually admits that having Zac hang around isn't that bad. Even if she can't find no body, maybe she has found her somebody.

Fans of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum and Jacobs' Quincy Mac are going to love her newest amateur detective, Markie Walkowicz, as she finds a bit of romance and maybe a certain dead body.

"Holly Jacobs' latest . . . is a delight. A darkly comic whodunit, it's her best book yet."
 ~RT BOOKclub

"Ms. Jacobs delivers a sweet love storyfilled with humor to enchant her readers . . . prepare to be thoroughly entertained."
 ~Love Romances

"Holly Jacobs is the master of humorous writing."
 ~Writers Unlimited Reviewer

"Holly Jacobs hits the laugh track again with this fabulously funny tale of love and mystery."
 ~Romance Junkies

". . . an exceptionally humorous and delightful tale."
 ~CataRomance Reviews


Last Newsletter's Winners and a New Drawing:

Congrats to Kim, Crystal and Diane who won copies of Same Time Next Summer in my last newsletter drawing!  The response was overwhelming!

Want to be a part of my newsletter fun??  You can sign up HERE.  This newsletter subscribers had a chance at autographed books.  Who knows what will happen next month?  Speaking of next month...

Here's my new cover for my second release in 2017  Not Precisely Pregnant.  I pitched this romantic comedy to my editor as Shrek meets Pollyanna!  It features two who covers hard hitting news stories and one who reports using the tagline Nice News Matters. To be honest, I do love nice news and think the world could use more of it!  It's out February 7th!  But you can preorder it now!!  
My books World Travels:
Carry Her Heart went going to Turkey.
Dad Today, Groom Tomorrow went to Spain.
Once Upon a King went to Portugal.
A Valley Ridge Christmas went to France...for a second time.
Ready, Willing and Abel? & Raising Cain are going to Spain.
I love taking Erie, PA all over the world! I've got to confess, I love the idea that readers in other countries are reading about Erie!
As always, thank you everyone for all your support!  2016 has been an amazing year!  September's Hold Her Heart has been on the bestseller list and the first book in the Words of the Heart series, Carry Her Heart, is a bestseller in Turkey.  And Just One Thing passed 100,000 books sold!  And I know that every one of those successes is because of you! So again, thank you!

Happy New Years!



Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Word of the Year...2017

Yes, I gave up  New Year's resolutions. They seem doomed.  How many people follow through for the whole year?  Not many. 

For a while, I tried to make resolutions I knew I could keep.  But that seemed like a cheat.  More than a decade ago, I settled on the idea of choosing one word and centering my year around it. That was something I could succeed at. Words like Glee (LOL I know you're shocked), Time, Optimism, Stretch, Stop, Moment, Love, Awareness...  

Most of my words represent a trait I want to grow over the coming new year.  I put my word on a PostIt by my desk and every time I sit down that year, I'm reminded.  

Picking my word requires some pondering and mulling.  But I'm happy to announce I've found my word for 2017.  It felt as if 2016 was fraught with anger, division and sadness.  The country—the world—seemed divided by US and THEM.  So in 2017, I hope we all find ourselves thinking in terms of WE.

So the word I choose is Hope.

Yes, I know, I can't control the world.  I can't control the country.  I'm going to start with me.  I'm going to Hope and try to live my year with glee and kindness.  I'm going to Hope to see the WE in everyone.  I'm going to Hope that the glee is contagious. I'm going to Hope that it spreads beyond me.  I'm going to Hope that the world becomes a kinder more tolerant place.  HOPE—it might seem like a passive word, but I'm going to turn my Hope into something active.  I'm going to turn my Hope into a movement.

I HOPE you find a word and that you not only make 2017 a happy new year, but a year of personal growth!


PS I picked my word and wrote this blog before I went to see Star Wars Rogue One where they said, "Rebellions are built on hope."  That fit in nicely with my idea of turning Hope from a passive word to an active one.  I'm planning to build my year rebelling against all the negatives in the world and I'm hoping and working for positive ones! 

Monday, November 21, 2016

Me and Jim...

Before I was a writer, I was a reader...heck, I still am a reader.  And as such, I've read James Patterson! (Seriously, you'd have to live under a rock not to have read a James Patterson book!)  I'll confess, I loved when he showed up on Castle (one of my favorite and much-missed shows).  So please imagine my surprise when I found out that James Patterson and I had a relationship...of sorts.

It started with his book, Burn.  He named a character Holly Jacobs.  Awww.  I was thrilled.  Okay, so I'm not sure he's read Holly Jacobs, but let's pretend he has! LOL

So I named a character James Patterson in These Three Words.  I just want to be clear, my James isn't the James is a completely fictional character. And I'll confess, I utterly fell in love with my James who was waiting for his Anne.  His love was palpable and the scene always brought me to tears as I wrote it, and it has every time I've reread it.

But back to the James, not my James....  You see, after all our book flirting, James and I started hanging out on bestseller lists occasionally...

Yeah, I know.  How cool is that??  

Well, today takes the cake...James (the James, not my James) and I are on a bestseller list in Turkey!  Yes, we're now traveling overseas together now!  I think that's definitely a new step in our relationship! LOL

Unutma Beni

Next thing you know, he'll say, "Call me Jim" and we'll be hanging out together like he did with Castle.  We'll play poker (okay, so I don't play poker...maybe rummy??), drinking and talking about books.  Until then, we'll always have Turkey, Jim!


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

What I write...

I'll confess, on the surface, when I say, I write Women's Fiction/Romances, Sweet Romance, Romantic Comedy, Cozy Mystery, and Short Stories, it might sound like I write all over the place.  But to be honest, every book I write has more in common than not.

I was at a conference a few years ago and someone asked, "What is at the heart of all your books?"  And for me, it's family.  Sometimes it's a family by blood.  Sometimes it's people who come together and create a family, and sometimes it's people searching for their family...for where they belong.

You see...the same, but different.

Since people have asked, I thought I'd break down some of my more recent stories into a few categories.  Romance Plus. Romantic Comedy.  Homespun Stories. Cozy Mysteries. Short Stories.  
I hope you'll give all the categories a try, but if you find you have a favorite type, hopefully this will help you find new reads!





Homespun Romance

Cupid Falls

Christmas in Cupid Falls
A Simple Heart
Perry Square

Do You Hear What I Hear?
A Day Late and a Bride Short
Dad Today, Groom Tomorrow
Be My Baby
Once Upon a Princess
Once Upon a Prince
Once Upon a King
Here With Me
Whedon PA

Unexpected Gifts
A One--of-Kind Family
Homecoming Day
A Father's Name
Everything But...

Everything But a Groom
Everything But a Bride
Everything But a Wedding
Everything But a Christmas Eve
Everything But a Mother
Everything But a Dog

Valley Ridge

You are Invited...
April Showers
A Walk Down the Aisle
A Valley Ridge Christmas


Cozy Mysteries

Maid in LA series:
Spruced Up
Swept Up

Coming soon...
Can't Find NoBODY
If you love Quincy Mac,
You're going to love Markie Walkowicz!


Romantic Comedy

I Waxed My Legs for This?

Dear Fairy Godmothers:
Mad about Max
Magic for Joy
Miracles for Nick
Fairly Human

WLVH Radio Series...


Short Stories

Short Stories...
My 1st six shorts in one volume!
Able to Love Again

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

My Day of Beauty.

Holly's Shadow
I needed some beauty in my life today, so I went downtown.  I've been posting pictures of some of the beauty Erie has to offer on social media.  I think the world could use more beauty and glee right now.  I went to the Erie Art Museum.  And as I was taking a picture, I realized I could see my shadows and reflections in them.  I started to position myself differently, then stopped.  
Art is about finding something of yourself in someone else's vision.  And I realized that my shadows and reflections were literally putting something of myself into someone else's art.  

It really changed the way I looked everything.  And I realized it was something I needed to remember...we are all a part of each other.  We're part of each other's vision of the world!
Dietrich Wegner's Studies in Solitude...and my reflection as well as  the reflections of some of his other prints.
When I write a new book, you can see reflections of me and my beliefs in it.  You can also see reflections of my other books.

Dietrich Wegner's Studies in Solitude.  There's something almost magic about walking around a museum in silence and finding shadows of yourself in other people's art...and hearing yourself in the silence.

Jose Picayo's Polaroids...I can see my reflections quite literally in the face of a stranger.
Jose Picayo's Polaroids...We all have our shadows following us around. That doesn't mean there's not beauty.

Jose Picayo's Polaroids...I think there's a certain beauty in something that's a little beat up and well loved.

I have always tried to add beauty and love to the world.  Today's journey through the museum has thinking about how to do that in new, unique ways!